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    Are "Morales" Spanish "Morals" - like Moralés? Or do you take a ripe morale, remove the stone from the middle and smash it up with some sour cream and a sprinkle of tomato and you have guaca-morale to dip your corn chips into...

    I am Troy from Betrayed, so you got me.

    Looks like its time for a Meta. Incomings from CTL and -FOL- on us, the NE and SE, who as far as I am aware there has been no interaction with to date. If they are getting involved in the SW then its not too hard to work out that it's meta-time. We are not concerned at this point as we understand that we have the numbers here...just interesting that these guys are getting involved when they have not sorted their own quads out - or have they???

    Man, if you do this strategy I hope you have some good allies to work with as you will have zero economy. On UK1 some people did this and I did an alternative strategy which settles about 10hrs later, but gives 2x the economy. Got a 125% still and then catapulted all of their feeders around me cause they had no production to stand against it...

    Be careful doing the zero economy, super fast settling strategy above. Decent raiders are still going to settle faster anyway.


    Care to comment?

    I've been in touch with the leaders and players involved to find out what happened and sort it out. They have the story. I think you should know better than to get the truth from this thread though!

    I would like to be enlightened by how even the theoretical meta being discussed would have 260 accounts though? Can someone tell me which alliances I am purported to be allied with :D Would be quite enlightening I think!

    Well this is great then. But this is not what @Lemon said in his post. He said that these issues will not be discussed - period. He did not say that "I requested these items to be put on the agenda and Travian came back that they are specific to UK, and therefore they will discuss them with me individually over coffee".

    We are not all privy to private chats.

    You are absolutely correct, but I believe that HQ don't know what they are doing in general.
    I won't be able to specifically discuss the issues we are experiencing here on the UK domain (unless there's a bit of free time), but shouldn't be an issue really, as the main problem is at HQ and not at the UK staff.

    Why won't you be able to talk about major issues with the UK forum? You are there for 3 days! Put your issues on the agenda rather than blindly agreeing to a proposed agenda otherwise there is no point going as you do not understand, or are too immature to be attending such a meeting. You were invited to a meeting - not summoned to a meeting with your superior to smile and nod.

    I am going to throw this out there - maybe the reason why HQ does not listed to some people is like this - and imagine this as a possible scenario, not what I personally think is actually happening:

    HQ: OK we need to implement something to improve UK forum, people are not happy
    CM: OK, how about we bring on a new Mod who might be better
    HQ: Is this realistic
    CM: Don't know but worth a try
    CM introduces new mod
    Several people instantly post very negative things without even giving the person a chance
    CM: feedback is these people are just hostile to staff as they did not even give the person a chance
    HQ: not our fault then

    Now, this acknowledges that many, many, many, of the issues that have been raised have not been addressed. But I think we all know that the QC process at TG is fairly flawed and that information does not travel perfectly from the game, forum or support to the devs. So, I think the best we can do is try to make sure that information is passed along in a coherent manner (e.g. Lemon => HQ - and we can all blame him if he just boozes up and doesn't do his job), because at the core of it you have to admit just creating a new thread to troll the staff is not working.

    The cure is contained in the Red bottle.

    This statement is true, and therefore both statements on the other battles are false (Menes) and contain death.

    If either Yellow or Red bottles contained the cure, then both the other two have death, which means both the red label and the statement (Menes = fales & Nils = true) are in violation.

    can someone please give me the odds of the meta GotFH happening? With the tone here I think I could make a lot by putting $1 down at the moment :)

    In response to Lokii, and what is happening in the south: I think about the highlight of today is that I built a level up on my academy in a feeder?

    Correction - we did have a bit of a laugh when someone tried to scout one of our scouters and lost about 500 scouts...