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    com1 continues to be the flagship international server and surely the temptation to restart it immediately is there as always BUT veterans willing to spend lots of gold on this server, cannot play this server essentially nonstop. Too many veterans did not restart com1 this last round due to the short break between servers. This will be the case once again.

    A cooling off period is needed to make sure veterans return. Veterans that are the lifeblood of travian these days.

    Gal Gadot was in absolutely no way a support account for Anomander. I didn't even know who was on the Anomander account until plan release and got put in the same Skype rooms.

    Unlike half of Vices, I actually do play my account as it's own entity, not related or dependent on the accounts of others to further individual account goals.

    Thank you for your account recap and printscreens.

    Until fnx decides to show up again, I'll try to give rough idea about these details and hope both of you will forgive me for meddling in your conversation.

    Anomander settled so close to WW, just like No One and Lady Winter, because Gal Gadot was part of the original set up. The idea was to help support WW. WWK was never the primary goal. But people left, for various reasons and those who remained decided that they just can't cover WW madness too. But we offered full support to the new ww holder. That is when Ice stepped in and took over WW. How troublesome was Anomander for supporting WW is probably the question for her. I can only say that my dual showed me what the next level of selflessness looks like.

    About launching and waiting for Anomander to reach 1 mil: We never asked for launching to be postponed, especially not because of 1mil. On the contrary, we asked to launch as soon as possible because we could't wait to finish server. But also said we will wait for the orders. When they arrived, we launched. Our queues kept running until the last second of the server. Maybe they are still there in limbo.

    I sincerely hope that this will appease your curiosity until more detailed explanation arrives.

    Thanks to the SGR folks for recognizing that I stepped in to try to salvage the WW situation for the alliance. Unfortunately, I couldn't foresee being gone for 2 months prior to plan release. I simmed the account in preparation for holding and nothing else really. Playing with the Anomandar team was definitely the highlight of the server for me.

    Saku <3<3<3 that I got to play Travian with you again.

    I do agree the bug is a big deal, but i don't understand how it affects your endgame.

    if you didnt use it, great?
    If you did use it, not great for the server but great for you.

    VICE apperantly reported it pre EG even.

    We are enemies, don't like each other, we each think that the other lies all the time and are cry babies, blah, blah.... but the simple fact is

    Just like you do not believe us when we say SGR didn't know, I do not believe you when you say VICES didn't abuse it.

    And this issue was not created by you or I, it was created by Travian. Travian is responsible for addressing this situation.

    Troll this thread all you want Loffe and the rest of you muppets. I am assuming in RL you are not all as dense as you put yourself out to be.

    This is me publicly calling out Travian for their lack of responsiveness to my direct messages regarding a legitimate concern.

    I have sent multiple messages regarding the starvation issue and the only response I have received thus far is: there is nothing we can tell you and it has been fixed. I asked that a thorough and complete investigation as to the what, when and how s1 endgame has been effected by this issue. They said they could provide me with ZERO information regarding this matter. Nothing, they gave me ZERO information.

    Georgi instead gives me the email to send in complaints. :rolleyes:

    Travian horrible customer service at its finest. Nothing to see here, move along. We may have just ruined your endgame after your team spent thousands of dollars on the server, but we OWE you nothing. Travian, you owe us a well run server.

    Ridder Huma Can you please provide us with a time frame? I put in my ingame ticket on the matter more than 2 days ago now and the only response was we will look into it. It is pretty significant impact on the credibility of s1 if only one team experienced starvation at their wonder, which SGR did, and the other is reporting that they did not.

    How is it possible that this was a known bug but not publicly announced so that everyone was on an even playing field? Or why did travian not delay our endgame if they KNEW about this beforehand? Given the significance of this issue, I believe we deserve to be better informed on the status of this issue.


    since we are all cheaters...

    We hacked into Travian to keep the server from ending

    really fun to extend your suffering "To Infinity and Beyond !!!"

    well yes, you do cheat. not sure what makes you think I suffer. looks like ya'll cheats will win but honestly nothing that couldn't have been defeated, even with cheating you all weren't that impressive*. mediocre cheaters, how boring. *yawn*

    *best report of the server does belong to ya'll for ghosting that rammer.

    Thanks for the update! SGR/TEN leaders are horrible at updating us on what has happened good or bad, but I guess mostly bad based on this post :S

    I heard that internally, you all are talking about how this server is a foregone conclusion. (I guess your super cheating plans are working out well:?:)

    I've been gone for over a week on a family vacay, so a little behind on travian news. Who can give me the week's summary on how VICE cheated again?

    You all spam too much and who has the time to read so much garbage? Not me, that is for sure.

    Oh yeah, trainers are totally not game changing, especially not UT, one of two 50% trainers in the entire SuperMeta, who do you think you're fooling with that one?

    The UA is game changing, Trav should have changed it to x4. UA significantly blunts hammers, even UT built hammers.

    Again sucks for you but deletion? Like who you fooling with the theatrics?