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    Ahahaha talking about deletion because VICES doesn't have the UT? ROFLMAO

    Nice OP, sucks for you but UT isn't game changing. Hope Trav fixes the issue, but this Trav.

    Nice you won vs farms, do you want medal?

    Why yes, yes I do! Shiny medal glorifying my past and monumental travian achievements, so cool.

    Based on your saltiness, you have to be one of the noobs we stomped. Sorry not sorry I don't know who you are.

    haha who is the cry baby now. the alliance I used to co-lead won all of its serves out numbered like that. 3 vs 1 against us AND it still wasn't fair for them cuz we would still crush them. if you think it isn't fair, the only thing you are admitting is your own mediocrity in this game because SGR and friends are super beatable.

    and kid you have some growing up to do. life isn't fair, that doesn't mean you stay quiet about it. travian has been on a long decline into irrelevance for a decade, they keep making stupid decisions. but here I am, still a travian addict and I have more than paid for my right to call it like I see it on the forums.

    Well there is a SGR narrative that require to be repeated endlessly (repetition of fake news sometimes have them appearing reals) . Even in the report thread (as you can clearly see just reading Obi ones). No matter these are baseless allegation or real suspect for some specific player. I think this narrative played a role in Supermeta diplomacy: we're the good against Vices evil. It worked well, I think, in building the SGR identity itself.

    You can see the result in reading (it is just an example) La Mala Ice posts. He/she first posted he/she was new to com1, then in his later few post he/she just throw generic baseless (I heard about it) accusation against us.
    But yes those pages are boring.

    I am a she. I am new to SGR as a member, not new travian. I do know how to detect cheating, VICES are no angels. Also I do know people in both SGR and VICES.

    As I said in another post, this forum is pathetic. Cheaters, cheaters everywhere.

    I guess Enric is trying to take the high road. However, you only hurt the game pretending MAD strategy and arti use is what made the difference for them. It did not. They were able to get to that point because of the massive cheating.

    They got Unique Boots because of their dirty multi accounting tactics denying regions and their massive gold merging of armies. This all lead to what TM faced, and I sure hope you are not being that dense here.

    When the title is such a pathetic title it peaks my intrestrest can't deny it.

    Far from a fan however, i prefer good players not terrible crybabies =)

    You are like the worst kind of troll. Thinks he is witty, but is plain old pedestrian.

    If you can't call people garbage, whats the point?

    Praised your team efforts? What efforts? Failing so much on art release?
    What have you been smoking this time thought your cry thread about some other server was bad enough

    oh how cute reading my posts about other servers that you aren't on. seems i have a fan :S

    Why is it that people always ask if someone quit, why do they keep posting on the forum. Lets see could it be because if you invest months and money on a server, you may still remain interested in the server and would like to see how it is going for your friends? Is this like a super hard concept for people to understand?

    It does not proof you have less skills either though.

    Just for the record - ptp is last year set up, unless you played both com and anglosphere, you could not see 4 ptp servers. Maybe you have not played or watch regular WW servers, I am not sure. Because gold spending is higher for sure, but amount of multies an scripts/bots was less on regional map servers than on classic ones in my experience.

    lets just say the amount of skill is obscured by the gold use

    yeah you are right it would be 3 servers, not 4.

    Haha regardless? Nope I am not a gold abuser by any degree of your definition.

    You never struck me as a daft person, so not sure why you are being so dense in this situation. If you use so much gold, that you merge your hammers nonstop across the map to demolish your enemy, the thing you proved in the game is that you have more money, not more skill. If you are defending them, because you yourself have outspent enemies on a ridiculous scale, same applies to you buddy.

    And how do you find it funny that this version of travian is pay to win? I won't play regions servers anymore. People kept promising this version is so much better, and 4 ptp servers now and all I saw was ridiculous amounts of gold spent, more botting and multi accounting, and scripting than I ever saw on a wonder server. Like everything that was wrong with wonder server,s people are invited to do even more of on region servers.

    And to sakku points of capitalism. Sure there are many who born at the bottom and made it to the top, somehow I really doubt that the players we faced are those rags to riches stories. I am positive those kind of people don't play browser games unless they are retired or something. More likely than not, and I mean like 99% sure of this, they were born rich and there is no merit in that.

    I have lost travian serves before, so its not the losing that has bothered me. It is how broken this type of server is and the thought that travian wants to go this way.

    I think you have reading comprehension problems. My post praised my teams efforts. VICES cheating was a side note. It is as clear as day that there is massive cheating on s1, what with the dozens and dozens of banned accounts. Like are you on this server? lol

    Oh some one had their feelings hurt? The bad name of VICES precedes them. What can I say where there is smoke there is fire. Artifacts don't give you the win, so I am not exactly bothered by arti outcome.

    MAD gold's use was on a different scale. It wasn't 500 gold a week. It was more like 500 gold a DAY from some of their players. More on the weeks were they merged armies in different regions every other day. Yes, every other day 100k armies were merged in different regions.

    TM of this server, not be confused with the TM you lead, did have gold users. A lot more than my alliance did, and they were still not even sniffing at the heels of the amount that MAD used. Had SYN went head to head against TM, we would have made it a competitive server, they were not using enough to just outright overwhelm us as MAD did. As an alliance leader on wonder servers for many years, we beat teams that out golded us through our teamwork and skill. These ptp servers, enough gold use and you cannot over come it.

    So yes, I do see those gold fueled wins as worthless in terms of skill showed. Travian is breaking their game and it is a damn shame that they are.

    Well things are more or less settled. If you are on com1, you can look in the treasury to see who got what.

    I would say that SGR did rather well. Thanks to the artifact coordinators for all their hard work and doing a thankless job. We got a lot of good artifacts, missed on a few.

    I chatted with a few com1 veterans, note I haven't played in years, and so many mentioned the systemic cheating in VICES. Using proxies to launch hammers to make sure they get launched as quickly as possible. Multi accounts to set up catapult villages. So in light of all that reliable information from upstanding sources, I would say that SGR did more than good in comparison to the underhanded tactics of those across the border from us.