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    Thank you for posting reports :popcorn:

    How disgusting that so many alliances are teaming up with MAD against TM. By joining them you are condoning their underhanded tactics. You cannot escape the taint and you are part of the problem. Who needs bots/multis when you can have real life humans do your bidding?

    TM folks haven't been my favorites, but I am sure rooting for them now.

    Yes, very good point that a one of the main problems with region servers is the unbalanced distribution of VP points. This would help keep the game competitive for longer. It would at least give less competent teams the illusion for longer that they could perhaps win. However, the length seems too long. 200 days? 5 or 6 months tops seems like a good length.

    2nd win condition you say? Wonder time!

    Is the problem the length or lack of competition? On (not the English one), there was only one team that had it together. Another team seemed to have a chance that didn't really materialize. I think most deletions started about 2 months before the end. So that server was particularly bad, it was over around the 100 day mark with 100 more days to go. Had there been 2 good teams, it would have been more competitive, and would have been enjoyable for longer.

    Although 120-150 days seems more appropriate. After about 6 weeks the majority of players have accounts they can prepare to war with, war for a couple months. Shortening the server length seems like it should help, but won't really resolve the issue of only one team having a game plan and running away with it.

    Yeah SYN is over, done, finished, finito. What a fiasco it was for us. Shame, potential wasted for sure.

    Dunno about calling OP closest allies. It was a power struggle behind closed doors since they joined us. But yeah several have joined OP, TM, Respect and other alliances.

    We told everyone TM is the only chance for a MADs defeat, but seems rather doubtful TM can pull it off. But despite the forum razzing do hope TM has the bank account to put up a good fight.

    :popcorn: waiting for MAD vs TM :popcorn:

    mmm nope, story has not changed. refer to your own posts for confirmation. feel free to send insults in Spanish to me in game, that way the moderator wont interrupt your flow. I'm sure your friends in syn can point you in the right direction.

    Oh yes some TM fools calling us cowards. Devastating. *sniffle, sniffle* :whistling:

    If you do not understand how the cheating and gold affected this server, well nothing really, you fell off the turnip truck.

    *Yawn* I have taken much much worse teams than SYN to victory. I co-lead the most dominant team on wonder com servers over a 6 year period. So yeah keep talking about our lack of leadership and organizational skills being the main problem with this server, we totally think you know what you are talking about :rolleyes:

    To Travian: Please eliminate pay to win features that have such a profound effect. Past gold features were accessible to most. Most could buy resource bonuses, most could npc once or twice a day. What most cannot do is spend a weeks salary merging armies multiple times a week, week after week. I have never spent so much money to have such a crap account in comparison to the fat whales on this server. And no I won't spend more, its a game.

    Yeah I am leading the cohort at this moment, and can give a flying REDACTED about any of you.

    Haters are going to hate and cheaters are going to cheat.

    Travian doesn't give a damn about anything but their pockets and rich kids pay to win on this server.

    But who said life or online games are fair? Not me.

    TM & MAD keep on pretending you have mad skills, you don't.

    As to SYN maybe we stay to grind it out, maybe we don't. Do you care one way or the other TM & MAD? No, didn't think so.

    UrMom and Bud_maker420 Go back under your troll bridge. If you played the x5 server, you know very well what happened. Confeds win together. End. of. Story.

    For people who did not play the x5 server, they can check the Travian records page and I am pretty sure they can tell by the tone of your posts you are trolls.

    Bye, Felicia.

    haha that's so funny frozen angel why dont u get information rite. We left because u are a shity leader. U got mad at us for settling in salona after we bounced on croppers 4 time's saying that the lead was solidified but u lost the region as soon as we left. As for the hammer part , we didn't smash the ally we left u for we attacked a random player and we lost some troops yes. But we were still #3 in ally after we killed half our troops. We left because when we asked what plans were for settling u said it was not none of our business . . Not to mention we played with yall on the 5x and didn't like it then when yall lost because you are all self centered well I'm sorry not all in syn . So next time u go post shit make sure u know ur facts. And we will be waiting for that discipline hammer or whatever u will call that thing! Kinda hard to take you seriously

    You are kidding right? In the same post you tell her to know her facts, you very mistakenly claim that we did not win x5 server. You can't possibly have played with us or you would know we did win server and that we did punish the biggest botter on the server. These are indisputable facts.

    So now I am curious who the you are given you do not know anything at all about SYN.

    sakku the rest of the server did NOT have capable leaders. I already conceded the point that at the start you could have looked at JC and thought they were really competing but you know very well that they were not capable leaders (or from eatie account ran into some knuckleheads) Of course it was the correct move to only recruit players that would listen to your orders and all it takes is a handful of (just one even) capable leaders and players to coordinate to win the server. I have done this myself I would know. 8)

    and I have said this plenty of times already, TVV did not have capable leaders at the beginning and ran the alliance into the ground right away. my goodness they were not even able to recruit the best players in the quad.

    And yeah I know TVV attacked you and killed more than 500k defense, I coordinated those hammers. You are welcome that you DCs had something to do. Not the best planning I'll admit, but hell I just wanted our hammers to hit something a few times.

    eatie yeah that is some messed up drama, and unfortunately sounds like Jam. So shame, seems Jam and his gf are 2 of the biggest to blame for this server being a cake walk for Heathens. But definitely others like Paulus were big divas.

    Yeah I can't say I know the negotiations of that failed merger, Paulus or whatever seemed like real a***. He was ready to break the late confed to attack Heathens for absolutely no reason. Just one day pops into discord says some BS, thier diplomat had to ask me on the side to ignore him.

    It's a shame nobody wanted to do the work though, made the server meaningless for the rest of the server.

    And yeah u r right basher, on the outside looking in Heathens could have thought JC was ready to compete. I spoke to one of their players who said they never really had a plan long term, people kind of did whatever. TVV was probably in worst region points, so that sucked. And eatie TVV never coordinated with Heathens.

    Lol basher you can't wait to hit the other alliances? Like half those are yellow and red, people deleting daily. TVV is rank 3, and deletions daily. Same for the others.

    By the time people were getting their acts together it was too late. Yeah one team had the early points lead, but Heathens had a settling plan to overtake them easy. It's like saying that the noob runner who sprints to the lead had an actual chance against an experienced runner can knew to pace themselves and set up for the win.

    this was a joke of a server and I'm sorry that you are grasping at straws to try to pretend that this was somehow difficult or meaningful victory.

    This was my first server back after a two-year break and I was not looking to be in leadership and unfortunately TVV had two jerks for leaders who did not understand strategy and did not know ptp severs. I only stepped up once it was clear that we were defeated just so that players had something to do with the armies that they had built.

    Lol that I haven't deleted doesn't mean I'm playing.

    Please stop pretending that playing against server made teams that had no clue at the start is some sort of accomplishment. By the time anyone had a clue, your vp was insurmountable.


    I stopped contacts with CW and you as soon as I saw those racist screen shots from discord. Initially we were desperate due to the very early restart, but after players heard Villains are returning - got some of cores back to have a challenging enough server.

    you also got the godslayers with you... ill let others interpret that how they like. :P