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    Please allow us to forward animals within our own accounts. If we pay for cages, we should be allowed to move them around. This would definitely make cages more valuable to players - and probably even bring in more $$ to Travian. Win-win right.

    So you are seriously just quitting?

    Is anyone taking over for the alliance?

    I get this game interferes with real life, but with so many players how did you not get more people to step up?

    I have no idea who you are talking to but your information is wrong eatie.

    One TVV barely even attacks JC. If there is any bad blood between TVV and JC it is because you and JC attack TVV players. TVV is not run by Heathens. As far as I know TVV does not have any direct connections to Heathens. And we won't because there is no logical reason to have one. TVV will not win, and Heathens has no reason to share the win with anyone. JC has chance, maybe a fighting chance if you play your cards right, but again I doubt it.

    And Keiron, please stop pretending Heathens has not won, it is clearer by the day that Heathens has this in the bag.

    sakku I did not mean dead server as in there is no fighting. As you said it is still early in the server and we are all spread out due to the nature of the server. I meant a lot of players will be deleting and leaving over the holidays. Also that this really is just a 2 horse race. The only real fighting of consequence could happen between JC and Heathens, but we will if it does. TVV and JC will not be teaming up, there is exactly no reason to do so. This type of server there is only one alliance that can win. There is no such thing as winning as a confed. I don't know anything about TK, so cannot really comment on what they will or won't do.

    eatie, why are you obsessed with TVV? what fault? And ultimately what does it matter, its not like TVV has a real chance of winning.

    Very early congrats to Heathens on their (hard-simmed) victory. I don't see a team capable of beating them this server. TVV simply doesn't have the organization or player base to do it.

    JC might have a chance but I highly doubt they can pull it off. They seem to be awfully focused on TVV even though that team has no chance of winning.

    The question is how many players are left in by the end. Dark Soul deleted. TVV has had 4 players delete/leave in the last 4 days. This has all the markings of a dead server. With the holidays coming up, I suspect dozens of decent players on the server will find no reason to log back in after a couple days of being busy with the festivities.