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    our sticks are too short. So we need to find a better way. we understand that if we put one of the sticks over the corner we could possible create a T-shaped bridge and pass over. To pass from the edge of the inner square to the corner of the outer platform. This is pythagoras theorem: Square root of 300^2 + 300^2 = 425. This means we need, 425 - 300 = 125, extra cm from our T-shape.

    So you put one stick in the corner of the outer rim. This creates a triangle in the corner which can be broken up into 2 triangles with the angles 90,45 and 45. This means that the new point we can put our 2nd stick on is half the length of the first stick times Tan(45) which is equal to 150. This means if we put 150 together with our 300 cm stick we have 450 cm of bridge when we only need 425. Ergo we get to safety.

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