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    Interesting, seems there is no way DND will be able to come up with WWR with only 150+ days left in server. And Gunners is able to rebuild all their lvl 19's in no time. GG everyone, seems Gunners still set to coast on to an easy victory

    I generally try to be positive about updates TG puts out as you can tell they are working harder to make the game better. At first I was excited to hear that each of the tribe's buildings would look a little different. But echoing the concerns of everyone else, I had no idea this meant that all the buildings would look so similar! It's absolutely awful and leads to a ton of wasted time on the player end. And man, can I see that making things hard on a new player who is still learning what all of the buildings do. PLEASE give us an update to this ASAP- this is the most universally hated thing we've gotten from TG since the great rollback charade of 2019.

    A quick list of some of the positive changes:

    • I very much like the quick link to the "send troops" tab of the rally point (in far top left corner of hero box)
    • The notifications for when daily quests are complete at the top is a good change and makes it less likely to be forgotten
    • The way an entire resource field gets highlighted when you move your mouse over it is very aesthetically pleasing
    • The ability to que extra parties is AWESOME. Great call there.
    • More noticable size difference between GG/GW and their regular counterparts
    • When logged in to an account you sit for, the "options" button is a different color from the other buttons next to it indicating it cannot be clicked.
    • You can change the name of your village by just clicking on the village name from village overview, no need to push an edit button

    I can tell the devs worked hard to make improvements with this update. So I don't want to just crap all over it. But all the complaints about the buildings looking too similar isn't just the community not wanting to embrace change- they make basic account management much more difficult. I don't find the fixed main building slot to be a big problem (I never demolish mine), but I know there are viable playstyles that have depended on demolishing mainbuilding for extra storage buildings, and I don't think that option should be taken away from players. They should have gotten more feedback from the community on the new looks of the buildings before releasing- we never would have gotten behind this, and I highly doubt most of the veterans (you know, the ones who spend lots of money on this game) will "learn to like" the new layout. I'd be much happier if I woke up tomorrow and things were back the way they were, even if I do like a few of the new features, and I know everyone I've spoken with agrees.

    I am a teuton. My words of wisdom for my fellow teutons are.... if you're training a hammer, commit to either axes or clubs and stick with it to get the most benefit from your right hand hero item. Don't choose clubs unless you're prepared to raid like crazy!It's impossible to grow a hammer you can't feed.

    Follow these words and you'll be smashing through walls in no time.

    Santa on Weedz