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    LoL had a management issue, even we had friends their inside. We already talked 1 month ago about that they can't win the game. The only best thing they did, to move together with Cow. Otherwise, they would be nothing in this server.

    Oh, similar like istambul then, without ML they nothing this server.

    The big difference: 60 players from lol, and 600 from istambul.

    Just remember youre still a shame, and istambul too

    L-T-U had no chance to win this game. We would eleminate them on 40-50th day of the server. But at the same time we was at war with Cow, NewOrders and Roteam together. It was like 1 vs 4. We can say, Roteam saved L-T-U. They were really bad at OP as their own players said. Many times we was know where they are coming.

    Roteam, they went to far and by this they had really big army. Their big mistake was, they did choise wrong partner. Maybe they thought forwar for tournament, who knows. L-T-U was burden to them. The only good think L-T-U could make to them, to get construction plan, but they couldnt even manage that.

    Congratulations to Tech meta for his win

    L-T-U made you their little babys, how can u say you could win them easy? Xdd

    They destroyed istamnuubs really easy

    ML deserve the win, they carried a bad a lliance to the win (istambul).

    Your guys need come here and say thanks to ML, If no istambul will be a shame xd

    I can understand you too:)

    The only good thing you done on servers.

    I can resume your server easily.

    You came to forum saying all people cry.

    You became the son of LTU

    You caught an off.

    Congrats, you still a bad player

    Nah i am not interested in halal mutton beef or pork.. you guys can have it all.. eat it lick it your call.. no need to follow some adult book for that... I am free from rules...

    The only thing you are "free" is from neurons it seems

    Please don't tell me those players without alliance are also multiaccounts from the turks? Jesus, this guys are serious business.

    F for potato, back to your cave sir.

    they leaved, and started to attack us when ils done it too, but don't think badly, it's a coincidence.

    first off with 1600 rams


    second one


    third the "BAD BOI" on ILS


    4 the traffic light was RED


    so u guys can understand why potato is crying.




    beautiful roman offensive congrats!

    oh, you have photos, me too😂😂, maybe you have to read all the conversation for understand i didnt want diet, i already known in that time that i had 1, just interested on boots, and to large boots i didnt offered nothing, so u still lying.

    I Will stop, i dont want get banned on forum for Talk about strategys that ils created.

    This joke hammer chiefed of your member villages,and destroyed some caps, so dont know why you so Happy

    Says the guy that offered 600 gold for large boots, 3200 for 2 small diets and 1600 for small boots?

    Didnt wanted small diet, didnt said 600 for big boots just if he wanna change, and 1.6 for boots i said yes. So 2 lies one truth.

    I can say the 10 k gold for my account, 80$ for small fool, 10 k for unique scout other 10k for unique fool, 1.6 diet, 100$ for small trainer. So mabeibi youre the leader of liars, u dont have shame to came here for blame others? Ah i forgo 1600x3 your guys offered but didnt paid to tll small boots ( he said ur guys didnt paid and you send it back, causw tll player put 250 gold on some of your accounts so if you lie he chargeback it)

    So yes , i could have been rich thanks to you

    Good night Potato

    my friend potato, i can easy demostrate who where the first that tied buy accounts and artifacts (not only dark gold) :P