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    I hope this gets to Customer Support. A friend and myself may have screwed up. Here is what happened. One of our former alliance members on Travian Legends (altonso), decided to not play anymore and we were going to conquer 2 of his cities. He gave me his account password and the other person was named as his sitter. We both went to his account but now it says we cannot gain resources and our chieftains will not reduce loyalty because it says that both person's, myself(LordGran), and the sitter(Pakistani) play from the same computer so now we can't really do anything as far as conquering those cities. How do we fix this. And we are sorry if we violated any rules. We did not mean to. Please reply to either my account mail(LordGran), or to my registered email...

    Thank you both very much for your very helpful responses. Just after I put this question on the forum I figured out how to annex the oasis, and as Yowie said, I took the cages from my Hero, and viola, I had my oases! I don't know why the animals spawned so quickly but after taking the cages away, there was no more problem with annexing.

    Thank you again for your Great responses to my question! Both your answers were Spot On!!

    Hi All,

    Back again. I have been trying to "Annex" my first oasis but it seems I am doing something wrong as all I get are whatever animals have been spawned in the time it takes my hero to get home and then back to the oasis again.

    So.... anyway, How do you annex an oasis?

    What are the attributes of troop levels when you upgrade a troop to a higher level? How does raising the troop level make the troop better? I have looked all over and can find nothing on why the troop is better at a higher level. I am playing as a Gaul.