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    I wonder if either of these teams were willing to give up Emerita, could they have won the server?

    Who's good at math? 8o

    what does it changes, dude? who cares now about emerita.

    4 team were pretending for the victory since the beginning: thc, web, bedlam and heathens. bedlam has defeated only heathens aka equal partner:D congrats:P

    finita la commedia

    1st place - THC

    2nd - Web

    3rd - Bedlam

    4th - Ragnar Lothbrok


    looks like you are becoming THC lapdog, interesting twist.

    haha you were almost prophetic^^ that's a funny twist, congrats bedlam with new role:D

    Bedlam has no desire to help anyone win.

    it's a lie, but as it was said before "bedlam is to decide who's will be a winner" so it's up to you. i see it as revenge)) NAP has ruined bedlam's chances, so it is some kind of pay back now i guess:/

    zerg push hard:(

    imho it concerns only pandora type servers... classic servers do not have such issue.

    regarding pandora u are 100% right - gold ruins game so hard, but gold doesn't mean everything, ask xBasher_COM aka Odin^^

    all noobs has been defeated!

    please, anybody give a "best of the best" reward to Downfall and let him go with best wishes)) he has a tactics in every single thing, even in how to make a sandwich or so.

    looks like you are becoming THC lapdog, interesting twist.

    yeah, we are puppies.... just cute puppies, THC love watching us playing and sleeping

    Lol. And why there is a need for good cop/bad cop game?

    as usual! to get truth! ^^8o


    guys, pls stop gold discussion, its absolutely brainless topic. the game has no limitation in gold use, so why do u complaint about players? that is not some kind a bug use or so that u didnt know. If you like Travian but have no gold why do u play Pandora than? go and play classic servers where gold is not make sense so hard. Otherwise its just a grumble

    Why BuT never comes across as arrogant fluffy unicorn (just saving editing work for admins here) and you do? Why do you hate everybody?

    coz im a good cop and he is bad one:D

    Not the first time or the last time. Nothing impressive , I rebuild and my capital has income from the 200 tech accounts I have, who needs production when we have all techs from the map ? :D:D

    oh no, ELE , kick him fast!)

    here is proper off amount for gold counting:P:P:P

    Because at the start all accounts had same population.

    Why accounts that work together can't be counted together? Why do you count Bedlam together with Heathens? Because we formally confed and you did not? What is the difference really?

    Nope. :) Zerg is by definition is massive group of accounts.

    The real reason for your whining, my friend, is that you didn't expect Heathens to survive so long after the initial gang bang they had to take on. Now you've slowly come to the realization that Bedlam + Heathens is more than what your zerg can chew. (To be fair to you, your "NAP" partner is not moving a finger against us, except for a couple of ghost splats. But that's not our fault is it?) Hence all the tears about a "Zerg". Sure, why not? We've argued this far.

    oh god... what a stupid discussion we have for a months!)


    -no, you!

    -nono, you!

    -nononono defenetly you!

    the only one thing i want to mention in all this cofed\Nap topic.... besides cooperate def opps, as said Kazah - the next main difference is that THC doing what they want and they play for they own profit, for the win like the web do, but your "equal partner" is not playing for the win, they play for YOUR win... here is the big difference imho.... so they will continue settling our regions (as they already do in Ancrya) and they will continue doing what you ask;) and its ok, we do the best to hold both of you B+H, and i hope THC will continue kicking you ass:D

    lol why u always calc accounts? not account control regions, not villas control regions... only pop make sense.

    and yes, put together in your math each alliance u have to fight with... + NOLA 50 accs + TheNorth 42 accs + U.R.A 39 acc... poor bedlam, alone against 370 accs;(

    we all counted together just because u have to fight us all... what a stupid logic... or stupid strategy:/

    im really tired to read this bullsh't regarding diplomacy in logs thread<X

    but will add some off-top words...:P

    this travian server is all about population... and population make sense here.... soooooo... lets do a simple math like in old school days!:)

    bedlam + Heathens = 702 + 481 = 1183k pop

    web + zaraza = 545 + 85 = 630k

    THC + company + basta = 581+300+237 = 1118k

    almost twice less:/

    and i think we are cool. no mater what will happen in the end 8)

    WEB is ZERG! others are DOUBLE-ZERG?:/

    PS "my zerg is zerger than your zerg"