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    The whole system of VP points distribution is flawed on this beta shadow server

    1. Factions are supposed to earn the VP once a region is conquered but it seems that they are not getting the full VP of the region but just in the proportion of the factional pop of the biggest alliance of the region belonging to the faction. The empire faction for example in this one has control of regions worth 160VP but only getting 100*0.36+60*0.58=71VP not sure if this is what the developers intended but its very counterproductive to capture the region only to share its VP with inactives etc not to mention it will unnecessarily mandate clearing out the new players from the region before they even have a chance to learn the game..

    2. The discrepancy is magnified whe we look at the VP accumulated by an alliance how the alliance ally manage to earn 3600VP in 2 days by having control of a single 100VP region for just 2 days at most.

    3. Then there is the major policy issue of Faction victory versus Alliance Victory. In the current system players are not bound to the faction they spawned with. Any player can join any faction alliance and it automatically belongs to that faction. So suppose an alliance or a group of alliance work really well the whole server and gained lots of VP. All anyone else needs to do to beat them is gather big pop players into an alliance of the same faction and become the biggest or a big alliance of that faction and share the victory for free. So, either it has to be alliance Victory or you can stay with only the faction you are spawned with. The latter will have lots of issues with players starting fresh and will give immese advantage to premade alliances

    I am not sure how the TG intended for this server to be played but in the current format its not even predictably winnable by any alliance