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    Anglo is really sh*t.

    LT in com2 would be the weakest squad, trust me

    Why would i trust someone who ran away from them just few months ago :D That just proves my point.

    Only thing com have are numbers so you can all gather in your big metas and confeds and then fight smaller or newer players and alliances. I've played both domains so i dont need to trust anything.

    If premade GoW was there it would have eaten that server. Anglo is not like com at all

    Leader of GoW under GoW name with GoW players was playing, please tell me more.

    Btw, right now, anglo has better players than com. So much so that people like you cowardly retreat to your .coms and just go to anglo to be demolished.

    It's not with the same ally bro :)

    That alliance is called lazarus. And i was the only Gow player in it. But its all cool my little cigan friend

    you just said that gow wasn't even there, and now you and another player were there...few more times and you'll admit most of it being there :)

    It's not with the same ally bro :)

    That alliance is called lazarus. And i was the only Gow player in it. But its all cool my little cigan friend

    It was called lazarus once you ran away and deleted. Not even your own GoW members wanted to associate themselves with that losing name and player ;(

    But please, keep denying, maybe everyone forgets if you deny everything enough times. Tbf, that is a good tactics, whenever you lose, just pretend it never happened.

    GoW was not on anglo3. I was tho. Killing some time till Com2 started. Here we didnt get smacked btw.

    Thanks for caring this much about us, buddy. :love:

    You are promoted to prime member of Ajax fanboy club. Congrats!

    Yeah, i'm fanboy, i even got your admiring PMs :* GoW was there and you ran with that ally. You can deny it, but it wont change the fact it happened.

    And here, you lost, therefor got smacked. Claiming somekind of victory is that much more funny now when you ran from one server and lost on another one with same ally.

    We only played com2 with GoW. Last one and the current one.

    Beside that, why you care so much for me. You never even cross my mind.

    Dont you have some crop to harvest? And i dont mean ingame....


    I dont particulary care, i'm just bored and stumbled upon this thread... It really made my day when i saw you bragging about somekind of victory when in reality you got smacked down with your puny GoW just like you did when you showed up on anglo3. Only difference is that you ran from there and sticked around here just to lose.

    Its actually planting season right now, nothing to harvest yet...i might plant some tulips to commemorate death of puny gow. 8)

    A cigan will always stay a cigan

    Less than others, dreaming to be more.

    Stop following me kid. You are not relevant

    I never deleted with the premade Gow team btw

    You deleted with weak GoW, it probably was premade considering name and players were there. I see why you ran though, the ally you were up against ran through the server. But i guess you can't avoid loss even when you run to fight against weaker opponents.

    Btw, nice to see little bit of racism there, nothing shows weakness than having to fall down to those level of insults.

    GoW walled atleast two hammers bigger than those last week but we didnt brag about them on the forums... So you never noticed it.

    Those gunners glasses youve got on make you blind

    but you've been crying a lot in the last few pages about everything else...that kinda cancels everything

    btw, gettertools reports are awful to look at ;(

    Being uncreative and forgetful guy as myself, i tried to think of the easiest name that could be classified as nickname. So considering my name is Marko, MarkokraM was the obvious choice. Sadly my password is bit more complicated so i still have problems with logging in even with this simplified nickname :(