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    I nominate our lovely crazy australian.
    His name is Brezzok, and he has worked tiresome this server. All we initially wanted was a chill server, to enjoy some travian, but my oh my, our offensive accounts really got to go to work this server. They had to launch daily attacks, so far they've done over a few thousand real attacks on the enemy, with of course, countless fake attacks.

    If theres anyone who deserves a medal for 2018, it's Brezzok. He has really pushed on for us in GOATS to win this server. And by the way, for his amazing offensive work, me as a DC haven't had to do much, so thank you Brezzok! For letting me relax all server long! (Even though I have more pop and troops than you ;) )

    Can I post my application here?
    I asked in "bold" seeing as it might be a bit bold to openly apply to your prestigious and amazing navy seals!

    What is the optimal placement of the marketplace in a regular feeder village and why do you think so?

    Wherever the great LK wants it to be. That would be the optimal placement.

    In which sequence the croplands of 15c (150% oasis) capital should be upgraded?

    I wont be upgrading any croplands in a 15c capital with 150% oasis, I believe this is a trick question, my main goal here is population.

    No experience in that area, if you are to build anything in a 15crop village, I will leave that to the master, LK.

    Please complete the following: A clubswinger, a swordsman and an imperian walks into a bar ...........

    Then the imperian calls his friend the EI to the party, the swordsman brings in the thunder cavalry and the clubswinger is outraged by their need to fight. Then all of a sudden, LK steps in the bar and says YOU SHALL NOT FIGHT! Then they sit down and enjoy a pint together, the end.

    On a scale of 1 to LK, how many arties have you lost in your travian career? Give LK 3 suggestions on how not to lose arties.

    I am right between 6 and 9 artefacts lost. Why would the great LK need suggestions? Did he lose any artes?

    You are the main WWr - all of your WWks rely on you. You need to launch in 10 minutes. You get a text message saying "’I’m horny come asap" from your crush. You know that in 10 minutes, you will be too busy to log into your account. What would you do?

    Hahahah! I would never be the main WWr! Funny!

    You're playing travian in the workplace - your boss walks in on you, what do you do?

    I yell at him for not buying gold on my account, why?

    Thank you for your time LK.

    The only Animals really playing the server are Goats. No one else playing has the quality to compete. The whole server could unite and it would still be about as competitive as Goats playing against the natars. The level of competition in comparison to Goats is really that bad and I'm not even exaggerating.

    I stated as much prior to the onset of the server, (prob why only a portion of goats came to play) if goats and cwl were excited about this one and appeared in greater numbers all of the world wonders would likely taken. Again that's no exaggeration.

    That's what happens when a meta of +10 years enters a round against players with little to no pre planning prior to entering the server.

    Either travian lifts the bar and consolidates servers with more players and those that are qualified that can stand amongst the greats and actively compete with the likes of goats or tg can continue to lose money on lopsided servers that serve only as a means to push away more players from the game.

    That's about it, apologies if I'm a bit frank or harsh the goats I used to know, would never have entered a server to waste time with bad players.(no offence intended, goats are really just in a different league then the alliance's represented on this server)

    Hey Batman!
    I understand your frustration, a lot of goats tagged along in com1 when SGR restarted their server last april. And it looks like they took down Villains and won the server,

    When com4 restarted this summer, Brezzok asked some of us to join in, and have fun, to enjoy a chill server.

    But of course, a chill server for us still means we'll play like we used to, just not in as hectic cross-quad wars like we used to have.

    This server had some excitement during the artefact release, but when no one mobilized against us, we were free to do like we usually do, crush, kill and destroy everything ;)
    If the quads had united under one banner, and launched better ops, it could've been an interesting one!

    Opposing OC's made it a bit too easy on us DC's in Goats, predictable attacks and reals on eye holders etc.

    I guess this one is almost over, now it's just a matter of stack defences and build the WW without any hassle ;)

    Settlers are on route with a nice care package of: breakfast, post-breakfast snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snacks and a variety of cakes & beverages. They will have to hunt their own dinner.

    You forgot to bring them second breakfast, or elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper.

    Also, LK is the elected leader but we have a toxic environment. We riot everyday - EQUAL RIGHTS! followed by spamming (seal) on Skype. LK has to read everything and answer all our demands.

    My oh my!
    That sounds like a hoot! Did you give LK a veto?

    What kind of demands do you have? If you require multiple meals daily, LK will be busy in the kitchen all day, or did you hire a chef?

    What about shower-schedule? Have you made plans for that?

    Are you running a democracy or dictatorship?

    I'm only asking because i'm worried you might run into right and left-winged political problems if you run as a democracy.

    If your issue in this matter starts to take shape, I volunteer as your one, true dictator.

    I will make sure no troops are made, and only population is what grows on the account, oh and, i'm really good at making sure the morale is low.

    I'll be sure to print screen my troopcounts and let you know Maverick ;)