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The blacksmith once again looked at the parchment a visitor had just given him.
There was nothing particularly unusual about this order – to decorate armor and a weapon with an emblem... ⚔️ #ShadowEmpires

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    The part where you said you outperformed everysingle acc made me giggle a bit, thanks for that, much needed it was a long day. But to get back on point; since actions speak more than words, you have proven yourself as a clumsy leader and a lower skill player, its amazing how little work is required in this game to have good results( you had none) numbers aint lying, you had man power, and it could gone the other way around if there was proper leadership, but the most amusing part the whole server is constant crying and when you had the opportunity to do something slighty clever you blew it(lack of skill) . And of course in the end there goes that same old stors from the beggining of the server: no point playing,we aint even trying,private farm,etc..

    Bad loosers that is what you are.

    I am so sorry quazor but your words have lost on strength, you have proven yourself as a player that doesnt know much about the game, so i cannot take you serious...

    Im just sorry that our info about pirates was kinda wrong. The part that our source mentioned that they are sneaky and not to be trusted was a valid point. I guess that was the main reason endgame developed the way it did. 2nd part, well that was complete nonsense, they said they are a strong group with quality players, also a small part in our decision making towards endgame. But in the end, we had nothing to be afraid of, no real OPs trough entire server, points collected mostly on natars etc..

    But boy they are strong on forum. If only for every 3rd post on forum they would send atleast a fake server would have been more fun.

    The biggest compliment what we can give you is a fact that we actually thought that you were a decent ally, for about 3 months when server started...after comment.. your actions spoke more than your words

    He would make no difference,btw I think you have more chances in upcoming server if you get rid of your "leader", he is obviously new to this game,not using some basic knowledge and also leaving she ship when its sinking, no dignity whats so ever..

    Huh? I just stated that your team has better quality players... are you blind or ignorant?

    We were never allied with them.

    i gotta apologize for the first statement, lack of english knowledge got me there, but you saying you werent cooping with phoenix is funny, isnt the enemy of my enemy my friend? 1st pp ally was peace and phoenix,after that it was you and peace, and if i remember corectly we saw a few members of yours in our ops vs phoenix

    You should try to put some weight on your words man, you are a clown pal, 1st you said no attacks we let you win,now all of a sudden you gathered entire server against us, gl with your OP clowns

    Best coalition on server at the moment : literaly everyone against us at this moment :D

    Pirates,horses,$$$,peace are attacking us

    I hope one day i will feel lonely like pirates(having "NO ONE" on my side

    bad losers, thats the only thing that you are, you literally tried everything to get ahead of us but when it didnt work out as planned you started to trashtalk and continued it trough entire server, we actually tried to gather some info vs who we are dealing with this server, and i gotta say the info was right : "decent players that are not to be trusted,a probably will blame everyone around them when stuff goes south."