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    and how about the 3 attackers out of 4 attackers on WW who got banned along with 5 others in MAD the day after WW steal ? do not tell me an alliance full capable of landing all four waves within 1-2 sec window whether fakes or real with a team of 14-15 attackers are not cheating along this whole time . not to mention their top leaders got banned only after reports cause of the WW steal and this whole time they were cheating like pros and attacking chiefing and destroying our villages like gods .

    Well it doesnt sound like anything you couldnt easily do without cheating. This server is probably the lowest skilled i have ever played. I see a lot of people mistaking basic skill and tactics with cheating - both here on forum and IG.

    idk, im not in mad (seals)

    big deal when you get hit by cheaters, not a big deal when we get hit by cheaters . hmmm very interesting . uhhh they were probably not cheating right ? i mean MAD whose almost all of the attackers who were involved in the WW steal when 3 players pulled out defenses from WW including 2 guys who joined MAD right away . dont forget to mention the real winners of this server . oh and the great huggle huggle , so cute when more than half of top veterans of server band together prepared with all their WWKs and all they cry about 3 wwk/wwr for cheating . lmao

    You do know the action has to be against the rules to be cheating, right?

    Pulling your defense form a WW to join another alliance is not actually against the rules. It might not be the most honorable tactic, but definitely not cheating.

    They are from Belgium, Serbia, Denemark, UK and America. Altho I've heard that the old man from America has been slacking and hasn't even used his creditcard yet, whilest his European kids are starving in the Streets of Amsterdam!

    Amen to that, brother!

    At least I, as a player, don't need to have multiple forum accounts same as multiple in game accounts to play game :) Those who've never played in Baltic servers won't know what kind of players they are... Hacking enemy player accounts and having bot-farms to boost them and that's just top of the iceberg.

    Probably not playing in local servers due to Multihunters being aware of all of his bot-farm sources, eh, fun times... I don't recall, but what was your max bot amount in the server? 200-500?

    Even now, their 'previous' alliance, which obviously were their alternative accounts half of them are already banned. Curious who might caused that :huh:

    Hacking enemy players? You are giving our computer-skills way too much credit. Bot-farms to boost? We arent really farming anything:

    And the closest I've ever come to being Baltic was falling in love with this Serbian girl (more than 1.000 kilometers away from the Baltic's). Even though i sometimes still think of her (damn she was a catch) it hardly makes me Baltic.

    The fact that you know abt all these problems in your local servers and seem to know a lot abt cheating, makes me a bit suspicious. Are you sure you're not the one playing here because of trouble with local MH's? My local servers didn't even have 200-500 players when i left them years ago.

    Good evening <3

    Weird ideology to keep two people who are multing/botting, but who am I to judge if they want that everyone would consider their alliance as cheaters alliance.

    If I, as an alliance, was having my ass kicked by two accounts as much as you guys are, I would probably also convince myself of something like that lol