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The applications for the 🔥 Legends on Tour 2020 - Summit 🔥 are open.

If you think you would be a good fit to represent one of these communities Anglosphere, Balkans, France, Germany, International COM, Italy, Lusobrasilero or Russia, read all the details and submit your application.

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    I would like post which I took at New years day sun rising. The first day of 2020, I went to east coast at my country and took this picture. It was only -8C , but it was too windy so feel like about -15C temperature.

    Last time was 2 years ago, my roman hammer died in an Op made by Alicq Team against TM, and I had to send without hero.

    Ah hammer splat without hero, its so bad thing.

    1. For raiding, yes TTs are fastest units for long distance raiding. Egyptian Anhur is good, but speed is Gaul TTs better.

    2. For defending, yes Druids are really good for defending with new TS effect. Phalanx also good for standing defense.

    3. but. Egyptian capital with waterworks cannot be compared with other tribe. Gaul troops have crop issues. Its better way to start as Egyptian.

    A new COM server is coming up on the 27th and it's most likely gonna be com1.. I heard some premades are making plans and alot of curious players are wanting to get a taste of this server ^^

    Will VICE and SGR be returning this year? :saint:  susetahnaivart   LukeHaines_COM   Hear_No_Evil [CWL][GOATs]   fnx

    yes It could be com1. and SGR would stand there. VICE said they dont think about joining yet, but last year I ve heard same. I also heard rumor about other server winner is coming to com1. Still have no idea which alliance would come to com1.

    Some of REVs are moving to TEN and GoW. So GoW got another trainer, TEN got some more arties. Not sure moving alliance finished or not. I just updated currently stats.

    Alliance Uniques Larges Smalls
    3 7 12
    Gunners 1 5 5
    TEN 3 8 17
    REVs 0 6 6
    Phoenix 2
    without alliance tag player 1

    Almost A day after artefact spawned.

    Alliance Uniques Larges Smalls
    3 7 10
    Gunners 1 5 5
    TEN 2 7 12
    REVs 1 7 7
    Phoenix 2
    without alliance tag player 1

    Ok. now some small architects, confusions, fools arties are looking for their owners. Most of arties got their owners now. Great works to everyone who prepared to clear natar, planning all stuffs, build treasuries. GoW showed leading to capture arties -especially unique arties- hunting, its shame to plant or spy for that. TEN did well about arti capturing with stable. REVs made good op when arty drop timing, I think it is good idea about peoples make busy instead of arti capturing. Gunners took small trainer from SW quad. Phoenix took 2 small arties as diet and fools. One small boots was taken by non alliance player. I think that boots player might be WWK at boonies.

    16.5hr passed now.

    Alliance Uniques Larges Smalls
    3 6 6
    Gunners 1 4 4
    TEN 2 5 11
    REVs 1 7 6
    Phoenix 2

    Small diet in deep NW, still dont have owner yet. Small trainer ans small storage in deep SW too. 6 of larges also are waiting their owners. I can expect today all filled names in treasury.

    5hr passed now.

    Alliance Uniques Larges Smalls
    3 5 3
    Gunners 1 2 1
    TEN 2 4 5
    REVs 1 1 1

    UE spawned NE/NW border but NE area, congrats GoW took it before Gunners. As artifacts planning, GoW lead than other alliances. but there are so plenty. I would update few hours later. :)

    6.5 hr passed :

    All uniques got their owners. now larges turn. at this stage, TEN took small confusion.

    7.5 hr passed :

    GoW took large boots from SW quad. TEN also took small arty from SW quad. Rest are regular as aimed quad.

    Started or will Start Finished Breaks between com1 servers
    com1 2018 30/April/2018 11/January/2019
    com1 2019 27/Feberary/2019 16/October/2019 47 days
    com1 or com6 2020 25/November/2019 will start will be 40 days

    I just checked TG calendar, found that posted at calendar November, but not mentioned which server will restart.

    so last com1, just had 47 days breaks between both com1 servers. That made many players decided not to play last round after the before last finished.

    If TG plan to restart com1 again, then again 40 days break, then I dont think me and my team can play com1 again.

    It seems surely TG is loosing com1 players.