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    how do you do it with Opera?

    If you play whit low gold gauls are faster in the begining.

    If you play whit lots of gold of course egipcians are bether but as i understand the question is about if it is whots to play gauls. Ppl whit low gold yes...ppl whit more gold egipcians.

    I think i never spend so mutch gold in a defensive acount like now whit egipcians.

    So yes,egipcians have a more slow and ecpensive start then gauls for shore

    How can that be? Egyptian hero bonus gives you more res, so you have better economy at start when resources are sparce, and more chances of settling a cropper faster. Of course if you go for a 15c with waterworks wou will need more gold...

    But like I said before, a 9C with waterworks will need much less gold for NPC and still make good crop production.

    Already answered with a no. This ascended now so we can make sacrifices to the gods to negate TG getting lost in the drowning depths of the world wide web.

    Disagree, they are shittier than egyptian Off.

    Run some sims. Huns merc+marks combo makes almost the same deff/time than phalanx+druid.

    I can give you my example in Finals: I'm an egyptian anvil with the 4th best res production of the whole alliance with no raiding whatsoever. Waterworks in cropper and feeders is a huge boost and should be nerfed if new tribes are ever introduced into Legends servers.

    So I'm training my anvil and garaging troops that others gaul anvils just can't feed anymore. Ash Wardens are pricier than phalanx, but egyptians have more resources available.

    And I'm not even taking into account the res hero bonus.

    Lemme just say that why would you build a TT or EI ghost when the Steppe Rider is faster, cheaper and stronger (faster than the EI, stronger than the TT). And if you want to get a little bit crazy try a marauder ghost. 180 attack for a 14 speed which increases to 17 with the Hun hero bonus. If anything the only truly obsolete feature of the Gauls is the TT ghost hammer. As far as defense, yes the phalanx has a lower def/time than both the slave militia and the Hun mercenary but its def/crop consumption makes it viable. In the end the only reason to play Gauls is for the Druids due to their quick response time to def calls.

    Unless, of course, you actually play this game to enjoy yourself and you don't really care about OP units etc and you just enjoy playing Gauls. Then you can do whatever the hell you want and have fun playing whichever tribe you want ;).
    After all there are people out there making Egyptian hammers <X.
    And yes I am a Hun Fanboy

    You tell them Mush ;)

    Except crop will be an issue if he doesn't spend gold - much slower development, and if he goes for a non-crop as cap. Unless of course it's the 5x speed server. Then I agree, res is never an issue there, no matter what account you have.

    But if you don't utilize the waterworks, gauls phalanx and druids are better than ash and anhurs, since gauls give more def/time, which egyptians can only outweight if they have the extra res to produce from more villages - ash are way more expensive def/res. Slave militia only works if you have the res for them, or if you know they will be dying quickly so they won't eat all your crop (given he likes to move it to the boonies, I doubt the turnaround on his slave militia would be great). And if he likes to do some raiding besides, Egyptians are horrible for that.

    But, if this is for the 5x, then I agree with above, Egyptians is probably the best choice, except for the raiding.

    If you don't use waterworks, then no point on playing Egyptians. As I posted before, a 9C 150% with waterworks makes more crop than a regular 15C 100%. So, much less need to spend gold in crop NPC. Of course a 15C with waterworks will demand a lot of gold usage, but hey, go for a 9C instead and still outperform a 15C 100%. Don't forget that you can build waterworks in all villages too, which is a great boost to economy. So if you are not raiding, you will have more res available.

    I have to agree that Egyptians lack in raiding, you can raid some inactives with Anhur, they have decent speed, but are not a good raiding unit.

    some people seem to forget that a 9C 150% cropper with waterworks makes more crop than a 15C 100%. That is a huge plus for people playing low gold. Biggest weaknesses IMO with Egyptians are lack of cavalry defense and raiding units.

    Gauls are obsolete with the introduction of new tribes, except if you want to anvil and also make a ghost.

    Egytians have better economy, Ash Wardens are fine and Anhur Guards are almost as good as Druids.

    You can say nothing beats the spamminess of Phalanx, but Slave Militia build even faster and Egytians don't have crop issues.

    Huns have far better cavalry that Gauls, A steppe costs 875 res and has 120 attack points, while a TT costs 1090 for 90 attack points.

    In Legends they are the best defensive tribe, for sure.

    Anyone who would use the wave builder is already going to use plus. Unless you want them to increase the cost of plus, that is always an option.

    not necessarily true, in some game worlds a lot of players play Roman off because of low gold. Most of them don't touch PLUS the entire server, only gold club. So it would make sense to include wave builder feature in gold club for the entire server duration, or as a separate feature alltogether.

    I've played 10 years on and off. Gold was a feature on the first server I did in 2009 or thereabouts. Here is one of my early accounts, probably the first one I used gold on before that I played a few servers without gold. I deleted because my alliance were not really in with a chance of competing for a WW & I'd lost some villages because their defence was not very organised.…

    I think you'll find TG have analysed how they make their money and understand how they make their income. Also packages on servers aimed at countrys where income is low are correspondingly cheaper & there is a tendency for players from lower salary countrys to dual as a lower gold user with another player who buys most if not all of the gold. If TG kills their income stream then that will be their own fault but I'm sure they think this change will not have a -ve effect. One thing is guaranteed there will be a rash of complaints about changes, whatever they are.

    Your understanding of economics leaves a lot to be desired. It is possible to run a business selling premium products to higher wealth individuals or enterprises, how do you think Bond Fund managers or Airplane manufacturers make their money?

    Are you comparing the population from Travian to higher wealth individuals?

    Have you ever played brasilian or latin american servers?

    Do you even know how much 50 gold costs in their currency and current exchange rate?

    Whatever rocks your boat.

    Just say yes by default to everything TG forces at you and do not question anything about it.

    There is a big difference in analysing things from your individual perspective ( amount of gold you as an individual and player can and will afford and so find fair) than from a global perspective.

    Enough said.