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    This is why i love this community. I agree, TG needs to add more logic to the game :D

    Your comments are appreciated but I would also like to humbly point out that the main point of contention here is not about the tribe advantages/disadvantages or even about farming. It's about exactly why a mounted unit with a horse is capable of only carrying a very few resources compared to fully-armored non-mounted units. Realistically speaking, doesn't the horse factor in on the carrying capacity too?

    First and foremost, I would like to show everyone this table.

    Name Classification Carrying Capacity
    Legionnaire Unmounted Unit 50
    Praetorian Unmounted Unit 20
    Imperian Unmounted Unit 50
    Clubswinger Unmounted Unit 60
    Spearman Unmounted Unit 40
    Axeman Unmounted Unit 50
    Phalanx Unmounted Unit 35
    Swordsman Unmounted Unit 45
    Equites Imperatoris Mounted Unit 100
    Equites Caesaries Mounted Unit 70
    Paladin Mounted Unit 110
    Teutonic Knight Mounted Unit 80
    Theutates Thunder Mounted Unit 75
    Druidrider Mounted Unit 35
    Haeduan Mounted Unit 65

    Notice that for all mounted units, only the Druidrider has a very low carrying capacity which is also the second-lowest carrying capacity in the game equal to the Phalanx and just above the Praetorian. Druidriders have horses. Horses can help carry loads and baggages. Realistically speaking, how is it that other non-mounted units have higher carrying capacity than a troop with a horse? Even a fully-armored legionnaire with a body-sized shield can carry more than a druidrider. This gallic unit needs a baggage fix. :(

    Well, like special structures, superpowers can also be tribe-specific and have both a permanent boost effect and temporary boost effect. For temporary boosts, the player can choose either of two options every time the boost resets.

    Permanent Boost Effects

    • Gaul heroes can get give permanent additional movement speed to merchants in all villages (increasing by an agreeable percentage/number per hero level)
    • Roman heroes can give additional permanent merchant carrying capacity to all villages (increasing by an agreeable percentage/number per hero level)
    • Teuton heroes can give an additional amount of fixed culture point production per day to the home village (increasing by an agreeable percentage/number per hero level)

    Temporary Boost Effects*

    • Gaul heroes allow all units in all villages additional movement speed for a fixed amount of time (increasing by an agreeable percentage/number per hero level) or
    • Gaul heroes give additional defense points per unit for all units in all villages for a fixed amount of time (increasing by an agreeable percentage/number per hero level)

    • Roman heroes allow all units in all villages additional carrying capacity for a fixed amount of time (increasing by an agreeable percentage/number per hero level) or
    • Roman heroes give additional attack points per unit for all units in all villages for a fixed amount of time (increasing by an agreeable percentage/number per hero level)

    • Teuton heroes allow for enemy cranny effectiveness to be at only 80% when raided by any unit of any raiding village even without the hero accompanying the raiding army for a fixed amount of time (cranny effectiveness lowers by an additional agreeable percentage/number per hero level) or
    • Teuton heroes give additional attack and defense points per unit for all the units accompanying the hero which also stacks with the weapon the hero is carrying for a fixed amount of time (additional attack and defense points per unit is increasing by an agreeable percentage/number per hero level)

    Of course, balance fixes should be applied if deemed necessary.

    *Boost is available only once every week. Reset effect applies at the same time the Weekly Top 10 resets.


    Server 2: Red Balloon

    While we can use Gettertools, I suggest that Travian add a Troop-to-Population ratio for the player to see. As an incentive to use gold, perhaps TG can add this feature to Travian Plus? This is would be a good overview to how we are doing in the troop production, without constantly going to third-party sites.

    you still blame here each other for cheating and when you make some action you dont give us reports || i reading this cancer forum just for reports pls gimmi my drug

    Speaking of reports, rumor is that TEN was attacked this week. Any confirmation? Mist4 ?

    It has been a month since the server has started and there have been a lot of developments across all sectors. In order to compile all the happenings for the past 4 weeks, I have made this analysis. Please note that this thread is made with my limited knowledge of the server and any additional details or clarifications from anyone is widely accepted. Criticisms are also welcomed, but as this is a proper forum, let us maintain proper netiquette.

    Server 1 started 31 days since this analysis was made. Unlike most servers where there are moderate to little rivalries, the server is host to veteran alliances who have fought previously with each of them holding begrudging respect to one another. Let us look at the key players of each quadrant:


    Initially a cauldron of many small alliances, Northeast is now primarily dominated by a winning meta of the previous server, the Seals Guild and all of its wings. However, while SG has a firm grip on the region, smaller alliances still exist with some of them capable of trading blows with the giant meta.

    Seals Guild

    Wing Name Number of Players Average Population Population Rank Offensive Rank Defensive Rank
    SGR 60 945 9 8 10
    SGR Seal
    60 1008 5 1 15
    SGR|RoD 41 1332 10 11 25
    SGR|Red 39 683 15 18 31
    ~FOX~ 33 767 16 16 21
    TOTAL 233 9471

    Led by their SGR Seal wing, this meta is a serious contender for this server. While they have begun showcasing their offensive capabilities, no one has yet to seriously test the defensive strength of Seals Guild and it is apparent why no one in Northeast would even try. Despite their showings, rumors are circulating that SG is housing some cheaters due to mysterious climbing of one of their players in the Weekly Top Robbers. Perhaps there are some merits to these rumors and perhaps there aren't. What is clear is that Multihunter has not yet banned the rumored player and those who have started these rumors are apparently not approaching Multihunter in fear of MH being outwitted by VPNs. Only time will tell if all the rumors and accusations are true or simply propaganda to discredit this meta.

    GRAND NE/Frost

    Wing Name Number of Players Average Population Population Rank Offensive Rank Defensive Rank
    GRAND NE 36 695 17 21 1
    Frost 8 355 34 44 98
    TOTAL 44 5251

    Due to them previously attaching the word "Seal" in their alliance's name, GRAND NE was once thought of as part of the Seals Guild. However, the alliance revealed that their intentions are to supposedly unite the Northeastern region under one banner. However, their defensive rank suggests that their vision is still far from reality. Together with their allies Frost, this confederacy remains to be one of the very few who are still independent in NE.


    Home to the biggest meta in the server, there is barely any competition in this region.


    Wing Name Number of Players Average Population Population Rank Offensive Rank Defensive Rank
    VICES P 57 1187 1 3 19
    52 1242 3 7 16
    VICES W 59 1122 3 6 26
    VICES S 48 990 11 5 3
    VICES L 39 739 14 32 29
    TOTAL 255 10561

    One of the favorites to win it all, VICES is the biggest meta in the server. They have a heavy presence in the grey zone and are made up of solid veteran players. Rumors circulated in the beginning that they have also tried to make an alliance with another meta which did not go well. This recent attack may show that there is room for improvements regarding the defense of this giant meta. VICE may have been denied a victory in the previous server, but it cannot be denied that they are extremely aggressive as shown by each of their wings' offensive rankings.


    Wing Name Number of Players Average Population Population Rank Offensive Rank Defensive Rank
    DC 44 546 17 23 17
    BANDITS 7 633 27 13 4
    TOTAL 51 5901

    Little is known about this confederation but officially, they are not a part of VICE. Most of their former members have also been absorbed by VICE. One can only guess that they may be having a rough time with BANDITS having a Top 5 defensive rank.


    Home to a winner of the previous server, there has been a lot of developments in the Southeastern quadrant. With the publicized developments in the past days, we can only speculate a lot of action in this region.


    Wing Name Number of Players Average Population Population Rank Offensive Rank Defensive Rank
    TEN A 39 751 13 12 12
    TEN Y 58 990 8 2 11
    TEN X 55 1087 6 4 6
    TOTAL 152 9431

    The alliance who won last server alongside SG, The Twisted Empire Network claims almost all of Southeast. They are extremely aggressive, and have constantly topped the Top Weekly Robbers and Attackers. They have recently won a fight against a big player in their region by the name of Squanchy who posted this in his profile acknowledging the brilliance of TEN's teamwork. However, they have also sustained some losses against another rival meta.  


    Wing Name Number of Players Average Population Population Rank Offensive Rank Defensive Rank
    Swarm 38 603 19 15 13
    C9 18 617 21 17 8
    TOTAL 56 6101

    This once huge alliance is now just a remnant of its early self. One can argue that they are not truly a Southeast confederation as they are situated in the center of the southern hemisphere. Most of this confederacy's members have been absorbed by TEN. While they do have some presence in the grey zone, only time will tell if this alliance will remain independent or will shatter with its members absorbed by the larger metas.


    Under the helm of a new power in Server 1, Southwest is home to a class-meta which has had a piece of both TEN and VICE.


    Wing Name Number of Players Average Population Population Rank Offensive Rank Defensive Rank
    Lowlands 58 1117 4 10 9
    Lowlands 52 1126 7 9 5
    Lowlandz 54 682 12 14 14
    TOTAL 164 9751

    A new meta in the server, Lowlands has already shown that they just because they are new, doesn't mean that they should be taken lightly. They have already blunted an attack from TEN, and have given VICE a beating. The recent Weekly Top Defensive Alliances however, shows that all three of Lowlands' wings are in the Top 10 which may suggest that they are being attacked hard as of now.


    Wing Name Number of Players Average Population Population Rank Offensive Rank Defensive Rank
    Mayhem 28 593 20 20 7
    -OC- 10 773 24 26 32

    TOTAL 38 6831

    Although officially not a confederacy and no official relations between the two alliances, these two seem to be on friendly terms. Most of their members have already been absorbed by Lowlands. Time will tell what will happen to this independent alliances.


    It is too soon for any action to happen, but we can see that a lot of players in the different meta are already testing the waters, with some already getting a crack at it. Rumors are plentiful in this server, with rivalry already heating up not only in-game but also in the forums. There have been unverified accusations of cheating with heavy doses of insults. The server is still in its infancy so we can expect little action in the coming weeks. However, developments are still abound with changes in each quadrant especially regarding the status of those smaller confederacies.

    Notes from the Server

    • There have been many accounts who are found in violations of the rules in past few days which may merit the rumors that there are cheaters in the server. However, for all the accusations presented in the forums, the recent development shows that it is not the rumored player who was reprimanded but actually players from the alliance where all those rumors started.
    • Tensions have been heating up between the large metas which are shown not only in-game but also in the forums as well. Recent insults and improper discussions have forced moderators to step in.

    I have tried to be as objective as possible in this analysis. As this was done with limited knowledge on each alliance, feel free to share your thoughts on the matter. If you have anything to add to the existing literature such as reports, rumors and the likes, feel free to send me a message. I hope you enjoyed this week's analysis :S

    1 This is the average population per member of the confederacy. The result is obtained by dividing the total population of each alliance by the number of alliances within the confederacy.

    u do not need to point out how genius u are when u cant see the problem when a guy can raid 1.1 million in merely 8-10 hrs when the highest raid amount is close to 4.4 million for the week . standing ovation for all the supporters of HB who are asking for more proof .

    So much talk. No reports given to MH. No response from MH shown in the forums. Whines about cheating. Then rage types like a keyboard warrior against anyone who asks why and how Honeybadger is accused of cheating when these accusers are just arguing in circles, and pretend that those who asks questions must totally be Honeybadger supporters.

    People condemn as if they were saints. Justice presumes innocent until proven guilty.

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    still trying to defend honeybadger with such lousy excuse is rather pathetic .


    I don't even know the guy. But if me, saying we need evidence if we will accuse somebody makes me pathetic, then you whining about someone being a top robber in an online forum without a proof must make you a genius wow. :S

    Why don't you report him, post the results here, and we'll even hold hands and insult him for you.

    I've read so many concerns in this forum with people accusing Honeybadger of cheating without any proof, saying VPN is hiding his dirty deeds and no point reporting it to MH because of said VPN. Seriously, just report him if you're sure he is cheating so we can know whether he is a cheater or not. Let's not lowball the MH's competence. Rest assured, we do condemn cheaters even if they are from the same alliance.

    Based from the ad hominem attacks and circular arguments in the many pages of this thread, this is how I view the current scenario now:

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