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    The goal isn't make the game more pay-to-win, inclusive I'm not a gold user player.

    Of course plus 25% of CP production in each village without a counter balance in CP production of the buildings or other counter balances will increase the inequality between gold users and non-gold users.

    The goal is to give the non-gold users (and mostly the begginers) one more way to gather gold at the auctions, or at least when they found the tablets of law in some adventure, they can see an obvious way of using this item, a way that they don't guess it's useless (my case when I was a noob)

    I believe that tablets of law are one of the most underestimated items in the auctions. Thinking on that, why don't we give a new functionality to this item??

    The CP production could follow the loyalty of each village. As we start the game with 100% of loyalty, we produce 100% of CP each building provides, so no changes at the very beggining of the game.

    By using the tablets of law an raising the loyalty of the village, we could increase the CP production at the same ratio.

    With that, these items will become far more interesting at the early game.

    It would be good if we could spying both resources and defenses at once instead of the need to send the spies twice.

    My suggestion for that is to allow that functionality when we develop the spy at max on the blacksmith.

    It would be like when we develop the rally point to allow attack two targets with catapults.

    yes - but do make sure that the village C is useless :P if you remove a good farm from map just coz you want an additional expansion slot, you'd harm your allies - personally if my players do this i'd be pretty mad at them

    it is a small village, and nobody is attacking at the moment, there are some troops in this village

    Is it possible for me to renew the expansion slot for a village that I conquered?

    for example, I conquered village B from a player who has already used a slot to found his village C. If I destroy this village C, will the village B slot be renovated?