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    NW & NE always fixed(i am watching last 4 rounds, well SGR in NE is for ages as com1 is their home server). SW & SE stay as underdogs always because no such big meta spawn there before. though last round TEN from SE played a key role.

    what about SW and SE7EN

    Despite multiple complaints to multihunter, banned players are still able to access multiple accounts and falsely running them as well. Activities like repeatedly spawning animals and hero despite killing the hero no chance of hero going for oasis raid. The player top3 who is banned has been running 7-10 accounts and one of the banned accounts called trapalhoes. (with a dot) is one of the example. Since travian fails to make a bot free environment i think they should appoint proper scanning system or some active multihunter. But for me i am done.

    Thank you

    Ridder Huma

    Last time you did disable my post but looks like the thing was not cleared.

    What's the point of being notified when you are attacked? You can't be asking that for real.

    Did people in the old days call you and tell you ''Hey we're gonna attack you at ??:??:??, so y'all better get your asses ready!''.

    what i mean is, getting notified when there are attacks in the village and you aint online

    These days things are getting really nasty.

    You gotta remember that the MH on ts29 happens to be the same guy who has been found guilty of playing on the same server he was MHing on, and nothing happened...Other than his account randomly disappearing a couple days after he was reported to people upstairs since the COM crew did nothing :S

    Ridder Huma, our hero...Please sort your ingame staff ;(

    And is the Great LEMON playing in comx?

    title self-explanatory. Zero response from MH / Support since friday. Was i blacklisted by them cause i called them incompetent before or is it just a coincidence? Or should i just spam messages to MH every few hours until i get a response?

    If you check the inbox of the mail id that you registered, they are replying there ! The funniest of all the MH i have seen in my gaming.

    EDITED zero gold ... You used some and you know it .. It might not have been much but you still used it.

    And is a 300k hammer supposed to impress people over here. The benchmark is atleast 500k. 300k hammers wouldn't do jack even on a arti steal run, if you play on a good server that is.

    And really .. You went teuts and still decided to make cats instead of rams? Not smart imo

    Be gentle on him, the moment someone says i am this and that is a NOOB.8o

    I thought SPQR died after multiple losses across domains ... Is RabidRabbit still alive? haven't seen him in a whI haven

    I haven't heard from him for a long time either. I left a year back and no idea where the people are. Its sad to see people using SPQR all the time in plenty of servers and this really confuses me.