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    5 posts, member since yesterday asking for a premade everywhere while saying he is experienced. If you still need the forum to find a premade group, you are not that experienced. You would have been recruited and received a request to join a new server already.

    I give literally 0 credibility to your opinion. Even less so with unsubstantiated claims that make no sense. Give me one example of a multi account and we can discuss whether the account in question is a multi or not.

    You are just mad that one alliance could capture 5/6 useful uniques.

    And give away my secrets? Heck no. Just messing around after a long hiatus. Making accounts to farm which suddenly get massive reinforcements? Accounts free letting their villas be chiefed? Really, it isn't hard to see what is going on. Hurr durr post history, anything to discredit someone dissing your cheating pals eh?

    Hi, i think com1 restart will be the next new server right? Looking for a pre made team to join up with, sick of ending up in a dead ass quad with no hope of winning or even taking unique artifacts. Fluent in English and proficient in Mandarin.

    Accepting new members? I'm trying to find a good premade alliance for the next server that starts.