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    i send settlers before 2nd co bonus, so that is proberly 4 days and 22 hours. It seems quite fast compared to the rest of the server. And most important, 1 day earlier than the guys that buy glad helmet :) 500k silver...wasted:)

    I agree in theory, but i tried it out and it seems like there is only 1 guy in the server i cant beat.

    Made 50 legi and then into 50 EI

    Never losing troops just heavy microfarming(takes a lot of time, and a bit of skill to optimize)

    I will get the 2nd village about day 5

    I think this subject needs more attention :)

    Too many players dont use this to their advantage. I think all romans, gauls and huns should spend some time calculating.

    The purpose of farming with 1 EI is to hit more small microfarms. for that reason you will never have full load and i would say never full load even with 1 horse. So you can easy calculate it.

    The investment is around 31.000 to get them to lvl 4. That is a value of 22 horses only, so i would actually make the argument that already after around 25 EI it would be beneficial for you to make the upgrades. Be aware that if you dont spend all horses for microfarming 1,1,1,1,1 you lose the advantage and should have more, but this is theory:)

    Hint: 1 EI can actually farm oasis from the begining. For that reason rushing EI might actually be a viable strategy once again in 1x speed because oasis dont respawn first 5 days. After 5 days you are ready to run down the clubmen!

    The return of investment is actually very important to notice. When you get above lvl 11, then the fields gets expensiv and it is actually more beneficial for you to get fields to 10 in other villages. Especially when you calculate the cp given as well. In generel all ratioes are better at low lvl buildings, that is how travian is build :)