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    I would like to start off and say this server looks very interesting, I myself am first time playing a com server, probably the best choice in server with the amount of players and alliances. I joined the NE and so did half of the server all the good croppers were settled very fast by AD, SGR & Cousins. I joined AD they seem like a good team. I am starting to see Cousins and SGR are at war with each other already, but reading this forum today I feel Cousins have just come here to annoy/ bully SGR, which in a way if your not here to play the game fully is very unfair sad!! if your just here to bully and annoy people, not to attempt to play for the endgame please go and delete, you guys are just sad, today you have even changed you name to SGR Cous? some sort of jealousy I feel here


    I heard they will be building SGRs WW...

    I don't have an account on com1 because I don't like kamikaze style. I am only here to spam and to follow what's happening. :)There are only a few Vinci/Villains/Vices on the server in order to mess up with SGR :) As Cris wrote in her post earlier.

    Yes I do hope things will get wild soon haha, I am bored.

    How many ?


    Is Bat man ok? He is quoting Bat man now :)

    I hope you haven't lost it...

    Stop with the "who recruited more"..

    Server is young pretty sure before arti 1/4 of the server will quit.. lets count by then .....

    Bat man get it together man! I was starting to like you....

    What r u doing here if u dnt understamd english!

    Btw aint u busy this round with your gf EDITED?

    This place is not for beggers.. lol.. EDITED

    This room is toxic and there is you i don't even know what to call you.


    Please refrain from insulting someone and using words you don't even know.

    I remember you, debbie told me you're the guy who has no loyalty to any ally you played, spied and fed info to enemy alliances..

    I hope mazzini would kick you before you bring down and tarnish the metas name.

    Technically speaking, it is cheating. Every account is required to play for its own benefit according to the rules. Obviously helping each other is perfectly normal in the form of standing defense, helping one another in the case of starvation etc. - This is the point of being in an alliance in the first place. But having an account with sole purpose of garaging another account is not legal, to my knowledge. Same thing goes for private farms too.

    If that's the case then garaging itself no matter how less you garaged is cheating.

    I myself garaged 1/4 of my hammer on other servers on my friends acc, since it is getting hard to feed them.

    Then SGR itself is being hypocritical about it, it's already a practice since ancient time back in GOLD, GoDz days.

    I really think its the amount of garaging, if they garaged the whole hammer then that's cheating.

    To bat man - Hey arnie is that you?

    I think garaging is not cheating tbh, but if it's cheating i know nenad and back in wild days garaging is normal. While raiding with the other half of your hammer. I think fnx is trying to say is it's the amount of garaging.

    So is what i understand is you villains garaged all your hammers so its cheating. So we should fight it with cheating and let's not be hypocritical and bring cheaters to fight the garagers!

    Is mehdi back too?

    Ugh, i should call gira and richard to get some facts straight here.

    Villains and sgr is just throwing mud at each other "who is the worst cheater".

    Zerging i doubt villains is the zergers but this round i think they are.

    SGR well, it's known that they do. There is nothing wrong on zerging when fighting a strong enemy. You villains should take it as a compliment.

    Monkey is back? :( you did not even remember to invite me. Message me skype it's cland3stine :*

    No hate guys, just my opinion on a friends account looking at the server, looks fun.

    Bat man is that you arnie?