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    There is nothing to say, he brought up how they "humiliated us" last server by outnumbering us by more than 200 players if you count WAR. Sure was really humiliating to lose to an alliance that merged the entire server and had UA+UD. ^^

    Kicking players that got banned? Already done, the ones who got caught cheating have been removed (The player Awesome21 does not exist, WOW what a surprise we actually kicked our cheaters, when will you do the same with The Grim? Anomander Rake? C2I?). Not my problem if you can't believe the Chinese players got unjustly banned and all unbanned without punishment, it was really easy to see, but you can keep making up that they got a "pop reduction".

    I was wondering why there's more and more of your members contacting us with offers to be our spies or deleting. Guess they can't handle the lunatics in their leadership, must be a truly terrible experience to be led by someone like you.

    It’s truly amazing how you can write so much without saying anything at all. It kinda sounds like you’re a bit salty with the win last server. Also.. for the record I’m not leadership. You’re welcome to think that, maybe if you say it enough I’ll get a role in the discord chat :thumbsup:

    These are 2 of your first 3 posts on the forum, clearly in both of them you are making arguments with substance my friend, anyway I am not here to be the dog chasing you kittens every time you come to me to play a bit, I got things to do in game, can't really waste the effects of the artefacts we hold, good luck to you boys, enjoy rebuilding your mighty 40k hammers :)

    I’m more concerned that I might lose you if I venture into paragraphs.. If you don’t want to play, why do you talk so much?