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    With the legendary LEGENDS players deleting here and there, surprisingly Gunners are not the top raider, yet.

    Bat Man used to claim that their bounties were shared between Gunners and Legends. But it seems that it is not valid now.

    He must be cracking his head to think of a new reason now to continue his story on Gunners, the "maybe not so" ultimate warriors.

    Keep up the good work, Ten, Gow and Revs!!!

    Sherlock Gnomes on the case. Well a few weeks ago we weren't in the top raiders at all and now we are pretty close to GoW so i dont know what your issue is?

    Fact: GoW is now the only premade alliance without a 2nd wing.

    Unless your going to stick to that for the full server your talking watery brown!

    Must've been really hard with whole iran going afk... This weeks robberslist is a complete joke and I hope for all the persian players they can log back on... It's not how I desire to win, but I can only speak for myself

    No its really easy actually seeing as they are offline!

    Well no its not nice to be honest for that to be the means of the end for them i agree, but the reality is it was over before this happened, poke fun say what you want that is the reality.

    of course more resistance would have been offered, we would have lost more troops but this isnt what broke the camels back

    bro dont come at our leader like that, or your going to get clipped..

    Dear Mr Sir, i dont know who you are ingame (this is where you inform us) but what do you want from us, NE Army and Elite is what was put in front of us, what more can we do? They catad us (Me) and we responded in volume cataing all their wings and they withered.

    I’m assuming your GoW?? Following your logic, your going to build a WW with a base of 58 players, and when you fully dismantle Addicts, you wont take in a single one of their players? No? i thought so!

    We already napped Ten, Mr Sir!

    So boring, yes we are so boring, when we are the dominant alliance in our quad who has faced the biggest obstacle so far (im not insinuating Legends are good or were challenging) but they are a bigger obstacle than Ten or Revs have faced? I know theres a bit of back and forth with Gow and addicts but your post is pure dribble!!

    If you can apparently see through this “*childs play” im pretty sure my blind uncle can see it!

    I mean you cant see a troll jumping up and down straight in front of you, and your worry about what other people can see 🤓

    this guy adding wings together to combine raiding numbers 😂

    is this real life!?


    what is the story with this game since all the servers had the rollbacks/ down time for nearly 2 days over a month ago?

    the game is running terrible, when upgrading buildings it doesn't update the resources in the warehouses and granaries..

    leaderboards aren't showing the correct top 10 in stats..

    Thats only the things I've noticed.

    have you any updates when this will be addressed for your PAYING Customers

    In all seriousness, its not even a dig at NE Army (Legends) but can we stop this BS about NE Army being one of the biggest alliances ever made? Its 250 players in month 1, in a months time itll be 100. Its big, its not on the same level as the alliances such as Kirin, PFTF, DA & MDS(old com2) or Extreme. Thats just the servers ive played on.