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    So Ikea, duat and gunners is now a thing.:D Cute but zerging them is not a sign of strange its a sign of weakness.;) Gunners i just som mouldy leftover Christmas food that someone has to forget to throw out for the fridge. What would they give to duat and Ikea? 3 teams that have cryde over a zerge now for months. Mine will gunners have ben painful got the famous kalsongrycket. yee you got sweds that can help you explain what a kalsongryck is. I will give you a clue my classmates in school the male ones were not like it when I give them that. :evil:

    Gunners need help i can se that but yee they ar finish whit no defence from IKEA and duat they would roll over like a pudel in a circus arie soon. this Zerge is saving gunners fore a week ore 2. after that we can take out ore hankies and wave god bay to them. well its okay duat is not famous of being loyal to anyone as soon it sits them they will take out the dagger and backstab whoever they like. will it be ikea ore gunner? i actually predict that both Ikea and duat will see what all se now relly sone that gunners are just a burden. Gunners are like that 3 am pick up at the bar you regret the day after when you release he smells garlic, swett and hade more makeup on him than I did. and will regret even more 2 weeks after it happened when they realise you got the clamp.... :| Okay, you got the pic.......

    Wel the finish lions maby will rawr a bitt but and everyone know the Swedish tiger just will be in silence and keep the pine inside. But in the end, i predict that when they realise what everyone already knows they will dish gunners faster than I run in a sale in ha horse item shop. :saint:

    Hey Maria,

    Have to say i agree, two horrible alliances who deserve each other here.

    Nordics will probably take their spawns too when it suits them!!



    p.s. ive been playing cluedo all Christmas, i think i can take LukeHaines_COM

    I was going about my day minding my own business when I had a quiet little laugh to myself, how there's pages of GOATS conspiracy on the forum of this Gunners Zerg, Nordics Zerg etc etc.. All the time it was GOATS part of the big zerg.


    EDIT: Sorry not a zerg.. Just sharing artifacts, OPS and Def. NOT A ZERG.

    It was always easy to win against the zergs when the zergs were trash, when you had competition you had to zerg


    its Peter Pan for you,

    breaking the NAP was the best thing you did for GOATS, better to find out how cheaters and unloyal you are for agreements on day 40 rather on day 100.

    an advise for you, if you break NAP do it on better timing.

    Bro learn your own alliances history before you go throwing that language around.

    heverton youve used this statement about more accounts than people in Gunners now a few times. Cut the BS. Every alliance has techs be it 1 or 50. Be it a tech account registered or someone who went inactive and leadership took over the account.

    russell_hantz wtf

    Demented, insane...
    CHAOTIC to the core
    Berserkers of pain
    Lovers of WAR
    Bringers of doom
    LORDS of the dread
    Hunters of gloom
    Brothers in bloodshed

    Battle doesn't need a purpose
    The battle is it's own purpose
    Don't ask why the plague spreads
    Or the field burns...

    once again there was no confed between Gunners and DND. What is so hard to grasp about that. You think if you keep shouting it it will become true.

    its a talent i have never seen, you start the server while you have NAP(confd) in your quad while all the other quads fighting, and you end up with all the other quads fighting against you

    1qaz wtf is wrong with you, you clearly know it was a NAP with DND 120 days later, or do you think maybe Verdie and Luke are guna jump out of a bush and shout “GOT YAAA” as theyve been playing board games all this time???

    Not to mention the loose agreement that GoW and GOATs would work together against their common enemy (Gunners) later in the game that got exposed back at the IKEA backstab.

    you go back to sleep too!

    Gunners outnumber DND/DSD, population wise, well over 2-1. If only considering the core and not the NE members DND absorbed I'd guess it's closer to 3-1.

    With this in mind I'm curious to know what Gunners/ppl would consider to have been a good way of action for DND/DSD once Gunners ended the NAP?

    // Nahoj

    If you disregard the 4 Gunners wings, Gunners has no wings


    PS: You had the 2/3 wings of 2.01 meat shields at the point when the NAP was broken!

    Pretty impressive delusional skills expressed by Anze above.

    Only he can directly screenshot a statement on a profile (I mean actually show what it says word for word). Then miss quote it/ twist it to represent what it says to suit himself.

    Please see the exert from a DSD players profile, its clearly states (not literally) that DND are taking it up the a*s.

    i don't see any problem with 4 meta war against 3,

    if Ikea and Duat merge its ok, and not make you the strongest team, why to hide and deny it ??

    4 of the 5 top alliances belong to the same zerg, i find it unfair, and maybe will do a thread about it.

    Gunners aren't allied with the Nordics?

    Why do goats even hate gunners. Have they even done a single serious attack against eachother?

    Only reason is if you would think gunners would join up with IKEA. Something that obviously won't happen. I get GOW and DND working together. But TEN and goats also joining in on the Zerg against gunners would be lame and boring. I mean I don't know why but gunners did horrible during artie's. Don't know why they are goats and tens target.

    Jay wants to be part of some beef