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    Pretty impressive delusional skills expressed by Anze above.

    Only he can directly screenshot a statement on a profile (I mean actually show what it says word for word). Then miss quote it/ twist it to represent what it says to suit himself.

    Please see the exert from a DSD players profile, its clearly states (not literally) that DND are taking it up the a*s.

    i don't see any problem with 4 meta war against 3,

    if Ikea and Duat merge its ok, and not make you the strongest team, why to hide and deny it ??

    4 of the 5 top alliances belong to the same zerg, i find it unfair, and maybe will do a thread about it.

    Gunners aren't allied with the Nordics?

    Why do goats even hate gunners. Have they even done a single serious attack against eachother?

    Only reason is if you would think gunners would join up with IKEA. Something that obviously won't happen. I get GOW and DND working together. But TEN and goats also joining in on the Zerg against gunners would be lame and boring. I mean I don't know why but gunners did horrible during artie's. Don't know why they are goats and tens target.

    Jay wants to be part of some beef

    GOATS: We declare war on every alliance in our quad in every server
    Also GOATS: ExCepT tHe OnE aCtuAl PieCe Of CoMPEtiTion iN oUR QuAd (IKEA)

    GOATS: We dont confed we fight against the odds, this is nothing unusual for us
    Also GOATS: ExCePt cOm2 wHeRe We ZeRg wITh 4 oThEr MEtAs

    Demented, insane...
    CHAOTIC to the core
    Berserkers of pain
    Lovers of WAR
    Bringers of doom
    LORDS of the dread
    Hunters of gloom
    Brothers in bloodshed

    Battle doesn't need a purpose
    The battle is it's own purpose
    Don't ask why the plague spreads
    Or the field burns...

    Yeah being allowed to sim freely with no contest on your cap placements in your quad for the first 80 something days surely has no impact on your ability to secure artis. :thumbup:

    saravan, duat had like 7 accounts in conflict on the agro settle battle, the other accounts were simming in peace just like gunners.

    The Ultimate Warriors had turmoil for the first 80 days with that logic because of poor old freyja, and the guys who aggro settled Avehicle etc had a few tiffs.

    By the way, even if you add all of IKEA + Duats accounts together it's still less than Gunners.

    Are you really trying to say that you dont think your 180 accounts are capable of beating anyone 1v1? You have 80% of the numbers that Gunners have and are on par or above everyone else. I dont think your too worried

    But is anyone left to zerg with? Where to beg this time? Forgive and forget and go back to DND? TEN? Maybe GOATS are an option now without DND in the picture? If GOATS decide to listen of course after that humilliating rejection? Poor Gunners. Maybe you guys can take them under your wing. Or just maybe they have aces up their sleeve and nordics have to fear for their precious arties?

    wasnt it GOATS who went to Gunners looking gor help? Kek

    Com2 Day 97 lay of the land:

    This brief update is before the hallowed artifact day (which at the time of writing this post is in 70 hours):

    Disclaimer: if i missed a tech wing etc feel free to DM and ill adjust.

    North West:
    Duat is is the main ally made of a few sub wings (Duat, NoSpies & Strange). Total accounts = 111

    - GoW is currently at 3 wings (GoW, GoW. and GoW..) Total accounts = 173

    North East:
    - Gunners is currently at 4 wings (Gunners, Gunnerz, Goofers & Gunn3rs). Total accounts = 217

    - Disbanded (Vices) is currently at 2 wings (DND & DSD). Total accounts = 116

    South West:
    - GOATS (CWL) is currently at 3 wings(ish) (GOATS, GOATZ, Goatters & Choc0lat). Total accounts = 162

    - IKEA is at 1 wing with atleast one tech wing I know of (IKEA & Potpot) Total accounts = 69

    South East:

    - TEN is currently at 3 wings (TEN X, TEN Y, TEN - AD). Total accounts = 165

    - 2.01 is currently at 2 wings (2.01-A & 2.01-X & 2.01-D). Total accounts = 103

    Gettertools map showing all alliances:

    The big thing that has changed in the last 2 months is the com2 Diplomacy which will drastically effect what is to come as the repercussions will really show in mid-late game.

    GoW absorbed most of WoW is the only thing that has changed between alliances here.
    - Duat and IKEA seem to have a hidden agreement based on settling close to each other and a clear line drawn in the sand for each meta to steal artifacts (Duat attack NE & NW, IKEA attack SE & SW). Simply a NAP who knows, full blown confed pre server hence the identical aggresive attack on the center/ grey... time will tell.

    NE essentially Disbanded (:kek:) a handful have been recruited by Gunners, but the majority were recruited by DND.
    - Based on actons in the last 24 hours 4H ally also are under DND control.

    - The public knowledge NAP between Gunners and DND broke down (day 84 I think) since then both Metas have exchanged OPs on each other (GoW Joint OP'd with DND on Gunners) with significant damage to both sides. I dont think much was held back from either side even with proximity to artifacts.


    - A conflict between IKEA and GOATS began at approx. day 42. A secret NAP between IKEA and GOATS was broken, IKEA all of a sudden attacked and a mass clearing of GOAT accounts and spawns from now IKEAS stronghold began. Some form of a agreement or signs of future co-ordination with GoW and GOATS were exposed at this time .


    - TEN and 2.01 have had a war raging since the very beginning. It appears to have come to a close at day 89.

    - The 2.01 seemed to be there for DND bidding since day 1 (if they were planted there or not i dont know) but they were expected to soften Ten up for DND to come in afterwards. With Gunners and DND breaking down DND never came how 2.01 may have expected (disregarding the single real OP and fake OP DND did carry out). In light of the lack.. of DND coming to the rescue 2.01 and TEN have come to some description of a partnership confed or future merge. This has propelled Ten (who some may have written off) back into the fray, and I have to assume its a big hit to DND who lost out on a substantial amount of friendly accounts/ meatshields what ever you want to call them.

    Artifacts release in 70 hours, this will warrant another update on its own it may make or break some alliances aspirations. Interesting to see if numbers in certain alliances drop soon after. A ridiculous of catapult villages settled in the last 24 hours, more may be on route many may be undetected. Based on last server, a few hidden players may be sitting close to unique spawns waiting to flip sides. Soon we find out whos prep was best, hopefully i dont rage quit and can give another update when the dust settles.

    I tried not to be biased on anything, if im straight up wrong on something let me know.

    Certainly a W for the GoW & DND gentlemen and gentlewomen.

    GoW may have chiefed Soa, but ConGrAtZ now you have to defend it.. :kek:

    side note:
    With recent activity spiking in the NE (Gunners/ DND climbing ranks in off/def points), can we pull a GOATs and cry about SW simming in peace and plot a 3 quad merger and cry how the SW is infact set up for the W due to the complete imbalence? Also id like to point out how GOATS are clearly in a 4 way hug fest with TEN/ 2.01 & GoW.

    Dont bother asking for facts to back any of that up, just throwing some GOATS logic out there :harold:

    Lol fair play.

    In defense of Brezz I suspect he said that expecting there to be peaceful simming in the NE rather than losing spawns but this is a minor point.

    From my perspective... It is clear my previous speculation is inaccurate in light of clear evidence against it.

    Nah man you were actually right.

    I would have to question the extent of this 'skirmish' with DND and Gunner, was it possibly a few cross fires merely to make it look like there's conflict in the NE? While peaceful simming continues?

    Can you ask GOATS to please put away their raging hard ons

    I can tell you that we have pretty much decided our stand for now. NAP between Gunners and Disbanded has broken and this gives us a better opportunity than before to have a real impact on the future of this server.

    Practically this means we have decided a side we will support as long as we see that fits our goals. This means we have started to plan future operations and time after artes according to current situations.

    This does not mean that we stop clearing our territory, so don't expect us to stop doing what we have been doing this far. Rather wait for us getting organised and doing something bigger as an alliance In near future aswell.


    confed confirmed

    russell_hantz your just another delusional GOATs player, except your smoking a stronger version of what Brezzok was smoking as youve now thrown IKEA into the fold..

    Your spinning a story to get the fear brewing in TEN and GoW. Your leaders (if you not one too idk) keep asking “whats your relationship with IKEA” i think theyll keep asking until they get the answer they desire (spoiler: they are going to be asking until the end of the server).

    P.S. Heverton by the way say your right, it was a co-ordinated OP, what does it matter if the two targets are completely separate and irrelevant to each other.. Or are you trying to say Ten and GoW couldnt defend each other as a result of the ‘co-ordinates’ OP? Is this GoW & Ten confirmed confed?? Itll be interesting to see.. All will be revealed soon..

    ok your obviously entitled to speculate and its what makes the game fun, the uncertainty of obviously not knowing what others are doing.

    I stick to my point of if all 4 we’re together what is the point in playing (for anyone on the server, me as a Gunner included), but ill park that and bite.

    Im not nervous of it, but i see Duat and IKEA having more of a chance of some secret agreement rather than DND being involved in it.

    Personally i wanted to spawn SW to go for GOATs i saw that being far more fun route, i dont see them as such a huge threat to plant an ally on them (maybe ill eat them words).