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    I couldnt process that im not guna lie 😁

    I dont consider last round a win anyway, it was more of a FU to GoW than a grab at a win, but people will spin it to make suit their arguement. Thats not a pop at you either Jay.

    Thing is I feel the most parsimonious answer at the moment based on confirmed public data is that there is some massive dodginess going on between alliances in the NE and the scandinavians. Havent seen much to give me a reason to lower my confidence on this being reality for the moment. And if this ends up being the truth, its just well played tbh. If it turns out to be false... That would be somewhat interesting.

    I hope for the latter of course cos the idea of the centre meta does seem very compelling whereas plants in other quads is just boring...

    If Gunners, DND, Duat & IKEA were all in a confed, what would be the actual point of playing this round.

    GOATS didnt have techs and have no techs. Except a few players.

    ^ kek

    You’re an absolute moron. GOATs have over 150 players (seeing as all your accounts are all played by legit players source: you), you have literally the same if not more players than most of the alliances here. You’d rather have techs than actual players, then your players are shit.

    Please leave, or dont, nobody cares.. youve faced far worse odds before, yet your cant stop crying. About an enemy in your quad who you keep saying is trash.

    Shut up peon.

    Also as we've stated several times already, we treat this as a war game. But If you wanna discuss this with more detail feel free to send me a dm In discord.

    We are not gonna share everything as there really are meanings behind every decision and some of those are the kind we simply don't wanna put on the table quite yet. But this is the case with every meta . What is the meaning of strategies If you just show all your cards to everyone?

    I want to be added to this private conversation to verify there is infact NOT a secret NAP discussion going on.

    Failure to do this will result in "2.01 and IKEA have a NAP until proven otherwise", the choice is yours.


    Private NAP investigator (unless proven otherwise)

    wel swett Batie what you think and what is acctaly real fakt is 2 entarly big difrent things. :rolleyes: One thing you are rahit abute you cant comper TEN to BAD. TEN is grate team what i have sen so far and thay got relly god leders. way they have won so manny servers i can acctaly see. But as i goan be oneof TENs best plyers that i can promis you will not happend becus the plying stayle i ply this server is not wwh its totaly difrent at all what i have plyde the last server. In TEN im just nobady im just och thing in the macenrey that make TEN work an part as all part in that maskin. In bad the level was so low that you culd buld a relly bad wwh and still zero thet ww.....

    But i relly need to ask. Do you ever under all this yer manige to send a hammer to demolish anny cap feld att all? Becus im gona be onest you probly are the one that have still 1 vilige and barly 20 phalnx. :*

    I can confirm Batman only settled a 7C cap last week. 0 troops.

    A funny fact: When we decided to move to boonies, we were actually prepared to handover our spawns to IKEA anyway.

    A funny fact: Gunners didnt want their WW anyway last server, we were prepared to give it to GoW.

    Only 2 quads had any opportunity of going to the end game to battle it out. NE and SW.

    We made a deal with IKEA because we wanted to do NE vs SW.

    That my friend was balance. GoW and TEN had nothing to do with us. They mightve helped us if they didnt have 2.01 and Dua to deal with.

    So you wanted a balanced 1v1 NE vs SW (Sounds great!!) but only because in your opinion GoW and TEN wouldnt be available to make it 3v1? (doesnt sound great) :D

    Ooo its essy the yer i playde whit vices/ villans/ cusins and now have become DND Batie her was a thing alrady but he was on the side of yee you dont gona belive it. SRG. :rolleyes: Just folow the trece der whatsson. Batie her culd only be ehiter verdie ore Packie. But verdie i have plyed whit and packie i havent plyde whit. that is evidenesn a and b. evideve c that flickt me over and finde ouse the suspect. was somting so elemntar Verdi is actaly a rel smart person...... :rolleyes:Der Batie her can only be one person. case solvd.

    Option C) we are still in a dream

    Theres a divide yea? Whats your point exactly.

    GoW got interrupted by Duat and lost a section of the map they wanted. well im sorry to inform you, but if everything you write about Gunners being world beaters all of a sudden is to be believed.

    Gunners (the strongest and biggest ally by you and your amigos opinions) got shafted as bad by DND with far less players and lost half the quad. That was by Gunners own decision, but you cant have it both ways.

    Are Gunners trash or OP? Are GoW playing the game they want to play, or crying as usual? Are you angry because your ACE in the hole arent doing so well right now, or is that your character? Are DND irrelevant when it suits or are they full strength too

    You paint a lovely picture of this pangea confed, when in reality how many various screenshots are there now of GoW courting, Duat, GOATS, TEN & probably IKEA at one point.

    when it doesnt go to plan, its cause they are bought or owned by one ally or another. Most ally had little to no conflict until 8 days ago (except TEN and 2.01).

    Please stop making it sound like youve been in a 45 day war in a 45 day server.