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    you realize your english is broken as well do you?

    but its ok you are gunner so you can be pathetic :D

    Robert my friend.

    In your attempt to 💩 on Gunners, your 💩ing on yourself thrice, seeing as you played with Gunners for two servers and with you so quick to turn around and publicly 💩 talk them it doesn't reflect well.

    With full respect ofc.

    Com2 Day 14 lay of the land:

    This summary includes all the big players in the game currently including Tech alliances. One or two alliances i cant be sure who they are or are not with but i have included them just in case.

    North West:
    Duat is currently at 3 wings (Duat, NoSpies & Stranger). Total accounts = 124

    - GoW is currently at 3 wings (GoW, GoW. and GoW..) Total accounts = 166
    - WoW is unknown, random spawner or maybe a tech alliance who knows. Total accounts = 52

    North East:
    - Gunners is currently at 4 wings (Gunners, Gunnerz, Goofers & Gunn3rs). Total accounts = 201
    - Disbanded (Vices) is currently at 2 wings (DND & DSD). Total accounts = 89

    - NE is currently at 2 wings (NE & NE+) Total accounts = 112

    South West:
    - GOATS is currently at 3 wings (GOATS, GOATZ & Goatters). Total accounts = 149

    - IKEA is at 1 wing, they most certainly have a tech wing (Chocolate, PotPot or ZEN I just dont know.) Total accounts = 56

    South East:
    - TEN is currently at 4 wings (TEN X, TEN Y, TEN - AD, TEN-TSE). Total accounts = 226

    - 2.01 is currently at 2 wings (2.01-A & 2.01-X). Total accounts = 117

    - *** has 1 wing. Total accounts = 23

    Gettertools map showing all alliances:

    If i missed something DM and i can edit.

    Playingwithfire can you delete all spam pls.

    If people are interested we can use this thread to do periodic simple figure presentation of current affairs of Meta numbers and a gettermap representation.

    Also on OP days one concise report showing all attacks from one alliance rep (typically the defender??).

    MODs (whoever you are) might do us a favor and clean any conversation that isnt a Server overview or OP day report, to document the entire server for historical reference!!

    Thumbs up or down if interested please and thanks

    Edit: The point being, no commentary no bias. Only numbers, and reports.

    The problem is there are always people who try to exploit the system, they can't just play the game the way it was designed to be played. You can keep tweaking the rules and game features, but there will always be someone who finds a loop hole or a way of using a feature in a way it was not designed to be used. You see it here with the vacation system and also with the abuse of tech accounts. Being the best player is no longer about being the best at playing the game its about being the best at abusing the system.

    you do keep tweaking, the gaping loop hole should get smaller and smaller..

    Ive no idea what scale of a company TG is to be honest or what kind of resources are available to them, but they move at continental drift speed to address issues in my experience. I dont know how difficult it is to implement a simple thing like oasis cool down into a game, write the programme or whatever, i cant imagine it takes long..

    But i havent a clue :D

    Ambassadors have looked to address the vacation system. Don't think we reached a final conclusion with TG, but it can certainly be brought up again.

    Something simple like a cool down on capping oasis and going on vacation are an option, but anyway... It wont be solved today.

    Sadly its not abuse of the system. Any player can use vacation mode, even as a war tactic, provided the pre-requisites are met.

    It might be frustrating for a player to use vacation mode to stop you taking an oasis but its not breaking the rules or abusing the system, its using it in a way that was considered at the design stage (thats why there is a long list of pre-requisits)

    Think someone might use vacation mode tactically to block you or ruin your plans, then start sending attacks, as long as they have incoming troops to their villages they cant use vacation mode. Depending on distance it should not be too complex or costly for you to always have 1 troop on its way to them at all times........

    anyone can do it, doesnt mean that its not an abuse.

    its not there for this purpose and everyone knows that. In a war simulation game where danger can come always, “oh wait ill go in a hidy hole for 21 days” doesnt really line up.

    Gunners kicking the guy who used the russian market, its so pathetic, if you were not using techs to do res push and raise your hero xp by defending 200 attacks of one club, i would understand, but while you do all of this, you cant kick someone that do the same, i mean he learned from the best.

    so lets say gunners did that in order to picture themselves as clean, and playing a fair game, nobody buy that!

    So he used the russian market for res pushes, you are using tones of techs for res pushes, whats the difference?

    Qaz its a bit ironic that this whole thread is about rule bending and exploiting..

    And yet it was your leaders who had the most players banned today.

    I dont tech i hate them because of the imbalance , but in my opinion at the very LEAST it takes effort to run them (a small bit of skill, ill leave that open). Buying resources is not the same.

    Now while all alliances have techs, somehow Gunners are the bad person here for drawing a line somewhere, but ofcourse it makes no sense (because GoW cant kick their leaders).

    As you, are one of the most clean players tactics and gameplay wise ive come across in my time in travian i find it Strange how you point the finger at Gunners and not your leaders.

    p.s before it emerged that a gunners player was banned, we agreed that whoever got banned for the resource buying should be perma banned, including gunners players.

    How do you prove that G7th alliance was selling resources to players? If you don't have any proofs how you detect it? Because you know, members of same alliance/confederacy can send resources to each other even if It's only one sided. And this is legal, there are some limitations to do that, but there is no penalty. Can you explain it, please?

    wishmaster3  Playingwithfire  Ridder Huma

    Someone is clearly in GoW.... step can you stop doing some favors for certain players?

    It is something that they can' the end its same result as techs wich is...perfectly fine.

    Its the players they do favours for that asked them to be baned probably....otherwise i still find no logical explanation for no ban in Duat :D

    I know its BS, GoW with them deep pockets got all the TG CEOs on payroll. Ridiculous how they got off so lightly.