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    HB farmed more last sunday, then the past 5 days... its clear as glas. Plz stop the attention given to these attention seekers.

    These players, and the alliances there in. Are destroying this lovely game.

    In my eyes, there is no honor in cheating. I am used to alliances that when they find out players are using proxies, it will result in an imidiate kick and the account will afterwards be destroyed.

    Its probably nessesary on the .com too cheat... Just sad. I would 100% prefer to loose, then to win cheating. (Then again i dont care about endgame)

    I am sorry to start this discussion, but we are taking it to far. I am coming form a dutch server. On the dutch servers cheaters are being taken care of by the "community".
    for every experienced travian player is clear that the person in question is cheating. I am not saying that they are the only one, but they are doing it the most obvious way en are misusing it the hardest.

    But lets end this here, we will try our best to shame the shameless. (thnx supersoaker for the quote)