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    First, let's start with a breakdown of the top 20 alliances:

    Players in top 20 alliances:


    Average population in top 20 alliances:


    Now, a breakdown of quadrents and the alliances in them:

    North West:


    Total players: 75

    Quality: 10/10

    LFD, FB-

    Total players: 51

    Quality: 0/10

    My opinion on this quadrent:

    Not long ago this quadrent was ruled by GL, GL2, GL3 and GL-W but the good players of GL decided that the leadership was too inactive and formed their own alliance, VIRUS with a smaller wing, SPORE. Now VIRUS is a super alliance, they're off the charts both with their raiding score and their average pop, and seem to have an active team of leaders. LFD and FB are the leftover players from GL who didn't go into VIRUS. But their quality is 0/10 as I said above, because they have both weak players and an unstable leadership. So in conclusion, North West is a really boring quadrent ruled by one super alliance.

    North East:


    Total players: 145

    Quality: 7/10 (all wings)


    Total players: 43

    Quality: 9/10


    Total players: 40

    Quality: 4/10

    My opinion on this quadrent:

    Really populated quadrent with 3 major alliances. IR_Chet have a NAP with TGC so it's them versus HRE and their wings. IR_Chet previously had a NAP with HRE but they don't have one anymore, I don't know what's the reason behind this. TGC settled so much in the gray zone in all quadrents, so now they are more of a "center" alliance rather than a North East alliance but I will consider them North East still since thats the quadrent where they started, TGC seem to have a very good player base and stable leadership, they completely took over the gray zone and I think they know what they're doing. HRE have a good main wing but they seem like one of those alliances with one big wing and the other wings lack both leadership and good players. IR_Chet are pretty weak but can help TGC a lot against HRE if their leaders can communicate well. Anyway, HRE and TGC look like equal forces to me, it will be interesting to watch what happens in this quadrent in mid game.

    South West:


    Total players: 180

    Quality: 2/10


    Total players: 126

    Quality: 4/10


    Total players: 54

    Quality: 3/10

    Another really populated quadrent, this time filled mostly with noob players from top 20 alliances who decided to mass recruit noobs. Both IR COB 3 and IR COB 4 are filled with players who are under 400 population and have 1-2 villages, while we are 45 days into the server. You should have that after 2 weeks, and thats for an avarage player, and it's not like IR.COB main wing or IR.COB 2 has any good players. Their biggest player is rank 83, and don't tell me that population doesn't matter, because players who have low population can't really make a lot of troops... HUNTERS are also pretty weak but are better in quality than IR.COB, and UNP is decent but compared to the other alliances in their quadrent they have the best players. To sum it up, in this quadrent both sides can defend against each other pretty well, IR.COB with HUNTERS have a player count of 234 which is almost double than UNP but UNP's player base is much better.

    South East:


    Total players: 38

    Quality: 8/10

    2.01M,2.01S,2.01 D-

    Total players: 104

    Quality: 5/10


    Total players: 59

    Quality: 2/10

    This is another interesting quadrent, NBK are at war with 2.01M meta. 2.01M is top attackers and NBK are top defenders so you can see some hammers got walled by NBK and the war between them is serious. 2.01M meta have on one side very good top players but also some noob small players so their quality is worse than NBK who are made mostly of great players, but 2.01M probably have just as much good players as NBK, so good luck to them.

    Please correct me if I forgot anything or if I have made any mistakes,

    hope you enjoyed reading.



    Player count: 134

    Quadrent: South West

    Quality: 6/10

    Quantity: 9/10

    Seems like one of the worst top alliances in quality. Their UNP wing is number one since they have the biggest embassy, but they put all the worst players inside it. They have a few villages in the gray zone. By a quick look in GetterTools map, they have more than 30 villages outside of their quadrent. And thats not all, they have a very noob wing "U.N.PAG", not only you can see their bad numbers but every intellectual as me can see only from their alliance description that U.N.PAG is a joke. The recruitment standards are pretty tough though. You must love avengers movie or GOT to join U.N.PAG.


    Player count: 152

    Quadrent: North West

    Quality: 8/10

    Quantity: 10/10

    Seems to me like a good meta that even with so many players succeeded to have a player base of quality players. They have 10 villages out of their quadrent, most of them near it though. They are the largest meta on the server, and they pretty much have the north west quadrent just for themselves. no more to say right now.


    Player count: 35

    Quadrent: North East

    Quality: 9/10

    Quantity: 3/10

    This alliance is built of quality players and seems to know what it's doing. They mass settled in the gray zone, by a quick look in GetterTools I counted at least 15 villages of TGC there. They may have started in NE, but settled in every quadrent of the gray zone except for North West. However they have a very small player count which makes them very weak compared to big metas like HRE who are in their quadrent. I expect some kind of agreement between those two alliances, since a war between them will be costly for both sides.


    Player count: 120

    Quadrent: North East

    Quality: 7/10

    Quantity: 8/10

    The HRE meta seems like a strong one, their recruitment was strict to the north east quadrent and their main wing is built of very high quality players. However they only got 7/10 in quality because their other wings are nowhat close in strength to their main one.


    Player count: 25

    Quadrent: South East

    Quality: 10/10

    Quantity: 2/10

    |NBK| are built of very strong players. Only one player has no second village, and all of their villages are in South East, not even one village out of it. However their tiny player count is a big flaw and they are very weak compared to big metas.


    Player count:100

    Quadrent: South East



    By reading the description this is a "just for fun" alliance. They are average quality and quantity, not one of the best alliances. They recruited strictly to their quadrent but they have bad stats (numbers) and many players with no second village.


    Player count:45

    Quadrent:North East



    Decent quality, small alliance. I think they wont survive in the North East with HRE and TGC there. Also, they have a confederacy with a very noob alliance, BH that is not even in their quadrent which really makes my opinion about their leadership bad.

    8.IR.COB,IR.COB 2,IR.COB 3, IR. COB 4

    Player Count: 135

    Quadrent: South West

    Quality: 4/10

    Quantity: 9/10

    Seems like the worst meta in the server, they are off all top 10 except defenders, have a very bad avg. population and have about 30 villages out of their quadrent.

    9. HUNTERS-

    Player Count: 37

    Quadrent: South West

    Quality: 5/10

    Quantity: 3/10

    Small alliance, below average quality in the south west.

    To finish up, my opinion on quadrents:

    North West- Dominated by the GL alliance, no competition there.

    North East- HRE meta, TGC and IR_Chet are the big alliances there. It's gonna be a war quadrent where one alliance will rise on top. I think HRE may team up with TGC and form a new game changing meta, since a war between them will be costly.

    South West- IR.COB meta, UNP meta and HUNTERS alliance. All of the alliances in this quadrent are bad quality in my opinion, but UNP will easily dominate this quadrent.

    South East- NBK alliance and 2.01M meta. I think NBK can dominate this region despite their small size, and become a big alliance with the players left from 2.01M that will join them.

    Hello we were a team of 4 duals and one quit. Due to very low activity during night and early morning now we are looking for a new dual to cover night time, or early in the morning. The account is teuton, top 5 attacker and top 40 population in Path To Pandora X2 (com). If you are interested PM me your discord name and tag on here.

    There is a bug in the farm list in PtPx2 since you installed that new update where you added the region overview to the alliance box. The bug in every farm in the farm list, you always see the double sword mark even if you are not attacking them. I know it's not only me since I asked some other people and they had that problem as well. Please fix it as I don't know when one of my duals sent the farm list that way.

    I own an account with 3 people on Path to pandora X2. We are top 20 population and top 5 attackers, teutons. Looking for more people on the account. I messaged you my discord on private message, I'm still new to the forums so if you can't see it or anything just message me yours.

    It's litterely useful for nothing, now I got to wait 16 hours to kick someone whos gone yellow with 0 troops and getting raided constantly... Thanks travian. If theres something Im missing please tell me I cant find one reason why its useful.

    Hello, im solo in a teuton account top raiders and attackers. Looking for an active dual that covers night time in gmt +0 to join as fast as possible. PM me your discord name and discord tag for more details.