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    Well once they see that we are stripping regions off of Mad (pretty easily too) every single day, they might do something too. Mads are a paper tiger kinda like how Syn was and OnePiece are. Maybe PB is too. :)

    Anyways, we're gonna take as many Mad villas and regions as we can before the server ends. If anyone wants to join in it is open season on them.

    It's good to know some people are still enjoying the game.

    It's always good to have something to enjoy.

    I don't want to defend those weird-name accounts that have been banned. They have got the punishment they deserved. I have also explained about l-number accounts. They were not banned for multies/botting. Most of them have been unbanned.

    For the top-raider in MAD, he's a quite dedicated player. He asked for a two-month leave to play this game. And I can tell you, he never cheats.

    Talking/listening to Frozen Angel is purely waste of time.

    We all know there is gettertools. How many friendly chiefing in SYN? 6. How many friendly chiefing in MAD? 2. How many villages of MAD's 31 conquests are from SYN? I don't wanna say. You all can check it by yourselves.……

    For the rumors of alarming scripts, are you really playing PATH TO PANDORA? Don't you guys use the alliance page to check double-swords for each other? Don't you guys have sitters to cover all timezone? You lack of teamwork. You are like calling everything you couldn't do but others could as cheating. Are you kidding me?

    Needless to say half the syn are BOTTING. We never cry cause we understand you aren't that dedicated players and we are sure we can beat you even if you are cheating. However after all of these insults we cannot tolerate it anymore. Anyone who wants a proof just needs to send catapults to SYN villages. You will not be defended cause they are offline and their teammates never check the red swords before their names. Then you'll see how their population increase in such a peaceful pace matching non-gold building times so perfectly even after the attacks. No resistance, not online, only building are always being built.

    Really, you are beat like that is not due to MAD is too strong. It's just SYN is too WEAK.

    so if someone points to an account that has real people behind it and calls it a bot - that one is interesting - but if someone else points to your bots that's not?

    You didn't understand why his question is interesting. The accounts you mentioned are also in MAD wings so the same reasoning applies. In fact if you check other regions on the map like in north west you will find much more accounts with no alliance affiliation but look much more like bots.

    They were banned yesterday

    However they are not banned for multies or botting.

    Ameno Banning discussions are not allowed but we can discuss the game rules can't we?

    Quoted from Rule 1.1 & Path to Pandora servers :

    Rule 1.1 for Path to Pandora will be changed to following:

    Current edition (still effective on all other servers):

    § 1.1 Each player may only own and play one account per game world. An account must always be played for its own

    benefit. Accounts that exist solely for the benefit of other accounts may be permanently banned.

    Path to Pandora: § 1.1.1 (will replace rule 1.1)

    Each player may only own and play one account per game world. Friendly chiefing of another player's villages is allowed.

    Since Rule 1.1 is replaced in PtP, the rule An account must always be played for its own benefit. Accounts that exist solely for the benefit of other accounts may be permanently banned. is not available in Path to Pandora servers. We wonder if this statement is true or false?

    Even there are mostly only bots left, why are you keeping them as confederate?

    In Mad-Z, there are players like



    Finally someone asked some interesting questions. If they are really bots for farming nobody needs them in confederacy. In this case they are in and the only reason is, they are NOT bots.

    There are people running those l-number accounts. Whether you believe or not is non of our business.

    It has been nearly 48 hours since the ~MAD~ alliance first reached more than 50% occupancy in Carthago region of COM PTPX2 server. We have never been less than 50% during this period, but unfortunately, it still shows 'capturing in progress', with a broken countdown in Embassy (always > 16 hours). Also, in our level 20 treasuries, the button 'activate' of unique boots is indeed AVAILABLE and yes you can click it, but nothing happens after that. We are not able to use the ancient power, nor able to get victory points (if you open the statistics you'll see ~MAD~ captured 4 regions but is only collecting VP from 3 of them, it is weird). This situation has been verified by many alliance members using various browsers, which means there must be a problem in server side. It is obviously a BUG.

    Please contact the technical team as soon as possible. This must be figured out and fixed immediately. Moreover, since such a severe delay has caused significant loss for us, we need not only fixing but also compensation.

    Thanks very much.