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    I think people can misuse the Advanced Start feature where any person can get settle 2 new villages with each village having pop of ~100.

    Take this scenario. An person is frustrated with an alliance. He saw that the alliance A controls a region narrowly like say Delphi (which is a small region), like it has 4100 pop out of 8000 pop of an area.

    Now this person logs in and creates 20 different accounts and create an alliance B. He settles 2 villages each from that account in the Delphi region. As soon as he does that region pop increases to 8000 + 2*100*20 = 12000. The alliance A loses control of the region as it 4100/12000 = 34%. Then he gets himself banned either by complaining himself or someone else complaining about him. So all the accounts are banned. Now no one can attack these 40 villages. They can't even cata them.

    Now alliance A has to increase their population to 8001 to take control of the region. (4100 + 3901)/ (12000+3900) = 8000/15900 = ~51%

    This is very difficult to do initially and alliance will not be able to do for a week or so. So the alliance has lost 7-10 days of VP.

    I think admin have to create a rule where a banned player shouldn't be counted in the region's pop. Or the banned player will have their village deleted if they are found to be misusing the Advanced Start feature.

    Shouldn't the celebration give 500 CP on a normal server. Here they are giving just 165 CP. When I clicked on the Celeb button, it was showing 500 CP but it gave me only 165 CP. Can someone fix it and the remaining 335 CP to my account "venkat".