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    So, basically, you added only the hospital and trying to convince us that it is 3 different "totally" new features? good job. I am buying it...(not).

    Hospital doesn't seem the most ingenious building, yet it will be good to throw in one in the hammer villas which is a great inbalance for average joes or no golders against gold whalers! Now, they can merge the shittons of units then get 40% healed... If you're trying to convince me that it will help anvils just as much then that's absurd...most anvils aren't pushed from 1 villa (or your defence's power will never match taht of a hammer...especially late game). So unless you waste a spot out of your 19 for a hospital in each def villa to just match up the 1 hospital in the hammer villa, you're facing some balance there?!!

    Fast start ain't that new...I guess, it's a good way to make people throw in the gold resso boosts earlier than they do usually.

    Onboarding new players? Ok, new players: this is T R A V I A N. It's a G A M E. Unless you're giving people technical advices and strategies (which they learn either hard way or by digging in forums) I doubt that's of any help than the guides that one can find by 2 clicks on google.

    New mechanics -_- That's the same page of "ptp vs legends" only edited the name and the buildings section!!! Literally (with accurate usage of the word).

    I understand that the game offers those who spend more of an advantage, but it's getting absurdly dollar coinage oriented. At least, this stuff will only happen in special edition servers--I hope.

    #boycott troop mergering in normal server whenever the idea ever surfaces.

    PS: Don't forget to actually make it 801x801 this time. The nearly over ptpx2 was a mockery and an insult to the dev's skill on every single level.

    -rider huma, thx for the info. You're just the messenger, so I am not holding you responsible for anything :D

    I am Egyptian. My Word of Wisdom for Egyptians would be…Slaves are best cannon fodder. With khopesh warriors and anhur guards, thou shall not bother. Resheph and wardens will bring peace and order.

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