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    Yep....One of their members reached out to me this morning....but I am still lone wolfing it for the time being. I got to admit, travian does lure you back, its been 5 years since I last played that's why I am so lonely :(

    We all need to make new friends at some point ;)

    BB knows that it won't be able to recruit new players if it is actively at war with the largest alliance in its quadrant, that's why they removed their diplomacy from their description. I have to admit that, although BB is getting hit hard, they are managing to hold up their end of the war quite well (hats off to BB for that) - lot's of troops for our heroes to feed on :evil:

    Edit: They (BB) seem to be down a few players already. Will BB lose more players in the next few days? What confederacies will they go in to next? Is this war over faster than we had hoped? Stay tuned for these answers, and more!

    Pretty good analysis of the situation. You made one mistake though; in the text of HRE you wrote "North West". Should be North East.

    TGC are definitely a force to be reckoned with. NE will be a fun quadrant to watch once the catas start rolling out.

    Me? need to brain pill or get eye surgery buddy... shake my head, well want hear a funny fact? that how they get high attack points by attack to nature animals is no brain at all. Oh great, Keep up believe your own faith as game once they face human fight to a human is different story I am forward next few rounds to hear your own bullshit story.


    Mate, I stated that they are the strongest attackers. Nowhere did I state that they had the largest armies. If you want to call me out on my analysis, learn how to read an analysis (and English) first.

    If you haven't noticed, however, they are also #1 raiders at the moment. That usually comes with larger than normal armies. I know for a fact that the GL group counted 6 of the top 10 armies in the game yesterday at around 20:00:00 server time, it is impossible for us to tell where the other 4 are. What we can conclude, however, is that IR_Chet should not be underestimated for their attacking capacity. If you want to underestimate them, you are more foolish than you sound.

    Finally, if you have nothing productive or conclusive to add, please head back to your dwelling under your bridge, Mr. Troll.

    IR_Chet are highest in attackers.? ummm please do your research again.... and make a good new analysis wink I try make you a smart guy

    Alive or Dead!!

    You might want to take a brain pill or get eye surgery buddy;

    I swear Merlin's analysis is very bad also he have no idea/blind how work the game with a strategy the game well a number not mean anything he keep look a max number well forward see new a choke analysis next few rounds up


    Yes, my analysis is bad. I wrote it in 20 minutes flat before going to bed. As for the rest of your comment, we will see who wins this game in a year. If you want me to take number of players into consideration, GL has the highest average population per player, with the 2nd highest attack points per player, and the highest raiding points per player average. IR_Chet are highest in attackers. Besides, buddy, aside from our fast player acquisition, we have yet to show our strategy (and I'm sure as hell not gonna give it up here).

    Merlin, you forgot to mention some alliances. Why is that? :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Oh dang, I forgot Purge. My bad. Purge, ranked 5th, are a SW alliance with one wing (Purgers, ranked 14th). They have an NAP with 2.01S (seem's like everyone does), and SN (also SW). The combination of IR_COB, UTN, Purge and SN will surely make for an interesting early game in SW. Which alliance will come out on top? Only time can tell, but IR_COB and UTN seem to have the upper hand so far.

    Which other alliance did I forget?

    Alright, hereby the long-awaited analysis:

    First of all, congratulations to all top alliances, I think this will be a fun server!

    In the NE:

    TRY, although having showed considerable growth in the early stages, seems to have slowed down a bit when compared to UTN and GL. Currently ranked 4th in game, TRY are nowhere to be found in the top 10 attackers (although they rank 3rd in top 10 raiders and 6th in climbers). TRY started early on with throwing out confederacies and NAPs, and it seems that some have paid off.

    Although TRY hides their confederacies, we know that both TRY and TRY-camp are allied to 2.01S and IR_Chet

    IR_Chet is currently ranked 8th in population. What they lack in population, however, they make up for in brute strength. IR_Chet currently kills almost twice as much as the next runner-up, and has overtaken GL as the #1 raiding alliance as of today.

    IR_Chet is allied to TRY and TRY-Camp, and has an NAP with TG

    TG, is the final superpower in the NE. At 39 players, they rank 10th in population, giving them the worst average population in the top 10 alliances. As they are 7th in climbers, we can expect to see a lot more of them though.
    TG has NAPs with IR_Chet, TRY, and TRY-Camp

    In the SE

    Robber is definitely a superpower in the SE. Robber is currently the 3rd ranked alliance. Although it had a good start in week 2 with attackers, it has since fallen to 6th place, while maintaining 3rd place climbers. Despite their name suggests though, the self-proclaimed Robbers don't seem to rob an awful lot and don't even feature on the top 10.

    Robber has NAPs with 2.01S and 2.01M, and is currently at war with YU

    2.01S and 2.01M, both predominantly Chinese alliances are situated in the SE, and currently form the only alliance group (for lack of a better word) in the SE. Their ranking, currently 9th and 13th, reflects the statement in their profile - they are beginners. However, having formed an alliances of such a scale in the early game does show that there is some form of experience within their ranks, sparking curiosity about the future of the 2.01 alliances.

    2.01S is allied to 2.01M, TRY and TRY-Camp, and has NAPs with PURGE and Robber. 2.01M only shares the diplomatic relation with Robber.

    In the SW:

    UTN (previously FPT) has grown into a very strong alliance in the SW, often taking the #1 spot in population from GL (higher number of players). In raiding the Spanish alliance generally ranks top 5, attackers top 5, and growers top 3, usually only beaten by GL (although IR_Chet breaks through every so often). UTN came out as #2 attacker and #2 climber in week 1, and it looks like they're not done yet.

    UTN hides their diplomacy

    IR_COB and it's wings, another superpower in the SW, currently rank 6th, 15th and 16th. Despite their aggressive player acquisition, IR_COB is considerably lower than UTN in population ranking. The main alliance makes up for it, however, by being #2 attacker.

    IR_COB and its' wings only have diplomatic ties with each other

    In the NW:

    Finally, there were two major powers in the NW; GL and WAR. Very soon after the first analysis, GL and WAR both formed their wings (GL2 and {WAR}). It seems that most recently (today to be exact) WAR has been absorbed by GL, while still being encouraged to maintain it's own identity. The change to GL of course also saw the WAR academy turn into GL3. Although GL is not the first META in the server, they are by the looks of it the most powerful at this stage - in terms of numbers and rankings.

    With all other major powers gone in the NW, it seems that GL has won the quadrant very early on in game. As most experienced players know though, everything can happen this early on in the game, even when things seem as certain as GL's position at this time.

    GL and its' wings only have diplomatic ties with each other

    I tried to keep it short. If I were to rank the alliances (by METAs/alliance groups), it would currently be as follows;
    1. GL, GL-W, GL2, GL3
    2. IR_Chet, TRY, TRY-Camp, TG
    3. IR_Cob, IR_COB2, IR_COB3

    4. UTN (although not a group, it needs to be mentioned as 4th)
    5. 2.01S, 2.01M

    Oh, that's a shame, I was looking forward to some friendly rivalry! Good luck on future servers, Utcakenny .

    MH take too long to respond on almost all com servers though. On ptpx2 I usually wait up to 5 days for a response.

    Hello, I will do a new analysis probably later today - alliance matters and work come first ;)

    As for TRY, yes, they are TRYing to NAP with everyone - even the alliances far outside their own quadrant. I think they felt the pressure of the first week of NE, which is quite packed with larger alliances.

    Currently there are only 2 or 3 alliances that are consistently strong. Large METAs will form on com4 as well, it's part of Travian. If you look at GL, we have just had to open our wing 1 week ahead of schedule, but aside from the added work it will work in our favor ;)

    Good job to UTN (FPT), you guys really came out of nowhere xD

    At IR_Chet, what's happening guys? I think you fellas might have spent a bit too much time clearing oases in the first week ;)

    boombapnation Send me a private message on the forums please

    Yeah, the first few days can be very misleading. GL for example is a premade alliance. Embassy is not the main priority, although we will upgrade it on a schedule. After BP we will really start to upgrade it.

    WAR is similar in that it is also premade. I don't know about the rest.

    Currently there are several big players in the game already.

    The Try (NE) alliance are doing very well population-wise, although severely lacking in number of kills and resource stolen when compared to IR_Chet (NE) and GL (NW).

    The War (NW) alliance is doing quite well all round.

    FPT (SW) had a bit of a slow start, but seem to be gaining a lot of ground. Similar to the 2.01 (SE) alliance.

    That's all for now.

    I love the idea of a gold free server (even if it's just one normal speed server per year).

    For the Travian Developers, you can earn money to fund it with a combination of the following things;

    1. Replace all current gold functions with advertising reward functions. I.E. what you have done with 25% faster build - you watch a video, and your build time for that structure is reduced by 25%. Similarly, you can put in place advertisements to give 25% bonus production for say 24 hours, gold club for 24 hours, plus for 24 hours, etc. Each paid for by watching ads. Those who wish to put in the time to watch the ads will get the benefits, but then at least the server is no longer dependent on deep pockets.

    2. Do not force too many ads on players, just one per bonus given - it is the players choice to watch the ad and get the benefit.

    3. Make silver easier to earn in game (using Obi-Wan 's Gold-merchanic idea, except for silver - gold should be taken out entirely on that server).

    4. Make use of the purchasable skins idea, as mentioned by Raging Bull !

    In making players with shallow pockets have the same benefits as players with deep pockets, I'm sure you will see your players per server rise by a considerable percentage - i quit for a long time because of the excessive gold use that some players could afford, i'm sure there are many more like me.