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    batman this is not about what vice did ore dit not.

    It was about you calling a 90 player team for zerging. When you are the biggeste huggler ever.

    Those 90 players is still in the same quad, and there are other big teams in that quad.

    You merger 3 quads and 700 players.

    So plz just let the teams play how they want.

    If you stop troling, I wont call you out when you eventually huggle ten, as you alwayes do.

    you cant call it zerg, when they are still 1 of the smaller teams on the server.

    But lets see how the server devolep, my guess is that we havent seen the last merge on the server.

    Special not when we have batman and ten on the server, who are known zergers.

    If you are part of a the ally, being a garage is playing for you own benefit more than playing as a pd without tag.

    And pd have never been against the rule so why should garagae. Ore can you clear it up, how many troops do you need to make to not being a garage?

    Sgr and ten not merger but share ut, thats a new one, and with server history why even try to spin it.

    I think every one on this server knew from day 1 that sgr and ten was gonner merger at some point. The joke is that they where shaming vice for reaching out to ll and then mergering with them.

    Imagine to be so afraid to lose a server that you want to take such shamefull win.

    Im a bit curious to hear some of the original ll players take/spin on this.

    We all know that ten/sgr have no shame, but did the dutch really come to com1 for this?

    1: Teching is not allowed (yet) - rule 1.1 is still in place.

    2: If you think all cheating (disregarding techs) is punished... Well, let's just say you're very naive.

    Rule 1.1 is not about techs

    The main problem with this debate, is that there is many diffrents kind of techs.

    Lets take personal defenders, who have been in travian as long as I remember. They are usal not part of the ally and there main goal is support a diffrent account, aka they are a tech.

    I have never heard of someone being banned for being a personal defender, ore do I have ever heard someone speak out against it.

    So we can say that almost every travian player and tg regonice this form of techs.

    Then we have players who build a private farm for some other player.

    He dosent play for hes account either.

    Where is the diffrents between those 2 kind of tech, and how do you make a rule where one is forbidden and the other is legal, and how do you use that rule?

    Then we have garage, where the account is part of the team and is helping the team to try and win the server, he is still a support account. But still part of team and vill take part in the glory if you win.

    My point being that sgr have made up, that rule 1.1 forbids garage. To somehow get the morale high ground ore validate there own actions.

    Rule 1.1 have alwayes been about banning multies and bots.

    I dont have anything against techs that are pd ore garage, but its preferd when pd are under tag.

    Ff are a bit more iffy, and I would like if they where under tag. And maybe also someting tg was out to get with 1.1. But never the other 2.

    So last server you merger the rest of the server against vice, and you "humiliated" them.

    So this server you merger even more players against vice.

    If they was so easy to beat last time why do you need 700 players this time.

    Try to play a server where the odds is against you, and try to accomplish a decent win for a change.

    Merger 700 players togetter wil just get you either a shamefull win ore a humiliating lose.

    Can you show me those tech, I imagine you mean tech outside of the known tags?

    Because tech/support accounts that are under tag dosent change the player numbers of each side. I imagine that all allyes have some accounts without tag, but can you point me to those 100? Because they should ofc been taking into measurement of player numbers and ally strength. If you cant are there others that can, ore is this just another ploy to validate your own shamefull action.

    There is a big differents between slaughter each other and merger. I dont think anyone would belive that ten, ll and sgr would attack each other, but the diffrents is that if no merger only one of the teams take the win. When you merger, you need to share the victory between 700 players, and that makes the victory worthless.

    Better to lose than to take such a shamefull win.

    Maybe the teams should have removed those weak leaders, and let some skillfull players have a go at it.

    Before letting those leaders merger 700 players.

    The only options is not alwayes to merger.

    The server before, 1v3 villains won by a big Margin. You killed our Hammers like flies.

    Last server we won,2v2. I'd say The initial strength balance was close to The previous round but you never attacked us And you Lost, mostly because you Never cared to Do anything.

    And now when you are still The strongest team And all The Keys to victory are still in YOUR Hand, you come here to mock The weaker team???? Cmon you can Do Better than that. Are you seriously surprised that teams merge against an opponent that is unbeatable otherwise???

    finaly a response that takes into account the development of the server and strategic of travian. And not just crying on what others do

    But let me ask you and meta leaders. Do you realy want to be known as the allys that needed to merger 700 players to be able to win a server?

    Where the pride in that?

    All the metas have many good players and are strong teams, but they must have some weak leaders to have it come to, that they need 700 players to compete.

    Im happy that im only playing this server causal, because I could never dream of joining such a big meta.

    dident they spawn in 2 quads, a bit different than mergering. But what ever that was a different server a different time.

    the funny part is that you come here to tell how others should play, and that they ruind the game. Then you merger the whole server, and say it is because something that happent on a old server.

    like when fnx interpretation of rule 1.1 was that all others was cheating, to validate sgr using bots.

    when are you taking responsibility for your own actions?

    I'm not here to tell you how to play, but dont talk about how others ruin the game when you merger the whole server. You won the server last round doing that. If you want the shame of doing it twice in a row, be my guest.

    just hope you win, ore else you gonner look real bad.

    this server is a joke, meta leaders talking about how spikers ruin the server. And then go merger 3/4 of the server. It only shows that I was right you are weak players, so you come to the forum to cry about cheaters, so you can justify your merger.

    First of all play a clean server then talk about others.

    Second. L2P so you dont ruin the server.

    New motto.

    Better to spike, than to merger the whole server.

    why would I give evidence?

    Im on the spikers side.

    And it dosent matter anyway, if I see it others will also see it.

    I just dont understand why you try to hide it. Us spikers should stand togetter.

    ten have been spiking the whole server, and non of there players have been kick. So its not true when ten is against spiking. You just dont want to get caught. Can you plz stand up for what you are during, it will make the work we are during easy.