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    I think I missed this when you first posted. Seems like a good idea, in particular I like that you've put together a visual aid. I noticed in Munich it can be sometimes hard to explain what anyone means without that addition. I'll add it to my growing list and try and bring it up when we've settled a few of our on-going topics.

    Brillaint, thanks!

    i think 5 troops is a bit too less 100 should be a good number just like in alliance filter

    Yeah, 100 is more suitable than 5 for sure. Ideally, it would read 'No reports for raids sent from farm lists and with no losses' but the "x number of troops and no losses" filter already exists so I posted about it since it would be quicker and easier to implement.

    Expanding on this:

    You shouldn't really look to be farming large, active players. Get yourself gold club and add a lot of inactives to your farm lists. I personally find superior to gettertools, you can ctrl+click or click with your mouse wheel and it'll automatically open the village in a new tab for ease of adding-to-list. If you make an account there you can upload your farm lists too so you don't see duplicate entries.

    The main reason people spend all their time on the account is sending farm list raids and like ELE said, watching for attacks. If you want to improve your account quickly, forget waiting for resources and start hitting that 'send raids' button :)

    Sending an adventure immediately vs 45 minutes after it spawns doesn't really change anything. So a timer wouldn't be very useful


    Shouldn't be hard to implement since the feature already exists in alliance reports ("No reports under 100 units and 0 losses" button). Reports are a pretty big cause of frustration to players, this would be a nice fix. Other options would be to split attack/raid reports or have a similar filter option whereby the player wouldn't recieve reports from farm list raids if no losses are incurred.

    At the mo you even have to trawl through 10s or 100s of pages of reports to find the reports of your cata waves if they were successful and allies helped/you sent more than four

    Fresh fat farms are not only early days of a server though. Far from it. It is unwritten gentleman code is most good alliances - if I clear a farm none of my teammate will farm it for a couple of days to let me recover losses AND get profit. Finding and clearing farm is extra effort and lost troops meaning lost training time. Why would I do it if as result I only return cost of killed troops? You will have to coordinate with teammates to take it all out before enemies do. Maybe good thing maybe not. Raider in me does not like the change at all.

    Interesting point. Unlikely you're gonna co-ordinate 5 ally members to all send their troops on raid to clear a farm to share losses as well as profits! I'm not a fan of the change either

    Under the current discussions it is anticipated that this will only happen in the early days of the server on accounts that have maxed our warehouse/granary i.e fresh farms. Otherwise most players should not hit the cap, especially once players hit the point where they can comfortably farm all farms at once and are competing against dozens of other farmers. Unless of course they are friendly farms, but then you hitting the limit is exactly what we want to see happen.

    This is interesting. I guess it's one of those changes that need to be experienced before a non-biased opinion can be given

    "Also, we want to remove the difference between raiding an alliance member and raiding anyone else. To achieve this, we will expand a limit to how many resources can be raided to all accounts.

    According to the participants of the Legends on Tour 2019 Summit this will increase teamwork, as multiple players need to raid a target to maximise bounty."

    Sounds like there will not be a top 10 raiders anymore seeing as there will be a limit to resources raided? Or is this "The person who hits the most farms will have the biggest raid potential

    Yeah, this is a really weird change. They also want to help automate farm lists some more but will make it so there is a raiding cap on farms, meaning you will have to constantly change farm lists to make sure you are hitting farms you haven't capped out on.

    I don't see any reason to make this change

    It would be a huge QOL improvement if we could filter out no-loss micro raids from reports, something like in the screenshot:


    There's obviously already the yellow and red sword filters in the 'offensive' reports tab, but it's a lot nicer to be able to click on reports and get a solid overview of important reports in one tab. After a certain number of farms it's simply not worth the time deleting the green sword reports for that small advantage.

    Best case scenario would be a 'custom' filter where the amount of units for the report to be filtered could be determined/changed by the account owner.