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    Too much ilegal players TF. 40.000 habitants block, Do you really this actions to win the server?

    Its the time, to re-join alliances, all open thw eyes and take more funny server until the end, fight against the one enemy, TOP 1 ALLY

    Rollback began 8:30 UTC+1 and 30 minutes ago said "start" 12:00 UTC +1.

    In this moment, the server is down. The re-start surprise could be a problem to the players with the neighbours.

    The start to play after this problems, perhaps each account could be in vacations one day until enter with password to active.

    The roll-back will be wrong.

    I accept the players who was affected receive a gift, but the roll back, it destroys the hours of players the seven days, it is a important time.

    This is a beta, to improve the bugs, but the several cases in these weeks dont become to roll-back and they benefit to most advanced players, who now the problem of the troops.

    The gift of gold to all players is a wrong to market of auctions.

    As it was told days ago, this is a beta, but we go forward in the time and see if now all is correct with the troops, the queue and starving.

    Ummmm.... ¿¿other maintenance without advice?? Third in the last 12 hours... Just a have and attack against to my town... (it isnt important, but it is a little annoyance)

    Now, when i put some building o troops in stable or barrack dont spend the resources until refresh the window.

    If is possible, one advice in the table, o by igm, it is a beta but all help to improve.

    Severals things:

    Two buildings same type begin after the video of advertisement ended (when you dont have anyone). Only with video of films. More times in Chorme to IE (dont say to me why :D)

    In this video, several dont have button of silent.

    In the reset of task of tutorial, "the settlers", dont check when you build something (only when you will colonize new town, in the case of player with three, only when born the fourth. Please, improve this, because only let one task available of the TWO of block of battle, the second are busy with task of settler. Only this time, and the future, to avoid task block.

    If the speed is 1X, Why the cranny are double capacity to the tribe other tribe that Gauls (all 1000, Gauls 2000, here 1x and all 2000, gauls 3000, like 2x) I dont understand

    Feedback: " I hope in the oficial server there are some reset or improve of bugs, only affect the bugs :)" and the advice to table will be with more little time, and the time of reset will be correct withn GMT :D.

    The reset of quest of task tutorial...... reseted the quest daily too :( and you have only one hour to complete it take the rewards, yesterday today was Day Plus, a little important when dont play o dont have Gold in the real ingame in oficial server.

    I am in the position of all players, because sometimes only have the feedback of people more exper.

    I go to the task list and tutorial, i report other things ingame. A hugh!! :P

    PD: be patient people. The tasks update when you put or finish something, that the event call the consult and give you the task accepted, it is like the population of 2nd and 3rd town, when you build something to update the real population and resources

    Ummmm.... I will see now, few minutes ago the advice ingame to reset GMT+1, but i see it a little time after of 10 GMT+1.

    Did the reset to fix ? It will be 10 GMT+2 ?? Ok, I wait answer very soon o only see the canges ingame :)

    This is one:

    Yes that is correct, please remember this is a Closed Beta which main purpose is to test all the mechanics and find all the bugs.

    Take easy all people, please.

    All comments with love :D .

    It is a little problem to strategy of settlers, but this is a Beta, and this is not apocalypse. In the real life, when you probe a new free product, test of production o medical, know it will not be the FINAL, DEFINITIVE, REAL ( or you receive a placebo to confirm the real efect)

    The feedback is very easy ELE (better answer one code chopper), it check several events:

    - Check old events ---> open the rewards without again build/make the requirements

    - Check the new order, to know if now it wil fine (after reset to new server one month forward)

    - Check all links on data matrix to accounts: the consult, the quest inside game (game->data), the answers data, visual and check to rewards (take it and add to correct side Heroe, town,etc)

    All people work to improve the game, the new version Codex Victoria and the changes.

    PD: I am a one this person very angry when ingame on a serious server something will wrong or different i planned it :P

    Some advice:

    I think there is another problem with the video to less time to build, when you see one and it ends, if you have plus (and resources enough) put automaticaly anothe build upgraded of select building.

    I think there is a little problem with restriction of travel time of merchants (other people could accept it more far.

    I check it again when i can (It happens i think 24hours ago only)