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    how do you usurp the rights of people to write and criticize? You have no right to do this.
    First fix the bugs in the game and then edit the topics in the forum. If you have a lot of free time to correct the error in the forum instead of training the shelf!

    I would like to invite managers and technical staff to do their job.

    There is no data to prove that there is no problem even in the attack you say you do not have BUG. Just let yourself know that you're incompetent to deal with empty jobs

    So, I will close this thread themporary and move all posts that are offtopic to the place they belong. I would also suggest you to read again the forum rules and respect them either we will need to take actions.




    Hi everyoneYou've all heard the events on the speed server. I don't want to repeat.

    However, as a player, we should be able to write and look at this forum where similar events are experienced. But this issue is quite uncomfortable with the moderators and TG management, and we cannot even call our rights. Deleting messages we write in this forum is receiving alerts from our friends.

    What is your purpose for your contract? Because of the events that we have not been able to find a solution for years, all players must express their justifiable complaints. Consumer right refers to this.

    I'm gonna get this message after I publish it. If the moderators are deleted or moved to another topic, I would like to know that I will present them to the court as evidence against you on 27/05/2019.

    Let people outnumber your voices in the game....