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    I only tonight discovered this thread, and it's something I've wanted to have for all of my years on Travian. The primary reason I believe it won't happen is because the powers that be would not make money hand over fist. I understand that they are here to make money -- not just for people's entertainment -- however, it would be very nice to have a server (3x preferably) dedicated to this challenge once in a while. Since it was apparently done back in the day, it would seem an excellent thing to do again. Many people want to play Travian and build villages and do all the things one does here -- without the necessity of having to invest money most don't have. I think it would or could become a great adventure -- even to the point of a somewhat cooperative game instead of kill or be killed. Players could actually work together -- not to beat or destroy others, but to make a better land in which to live -- to make the best life for all.

    Call me crazy, but I'd be happy to participate :)

    Well it wouldn't be fun if actually everyone helped eachother then we can also play a game like Simcity. Travian is a war game :)

    Gold free servers will maybe even improve the playerbase on gold servers, as it get people who quit Travian playing again. Maybe they fall in love again and decide to also play a normal server. Can an admin please respond and let us know if this can be realised in anyway.

    Really excited for it.

    I would like to agree with the post above me.

    It would be nice to have some badge's of honor that can be possibly gained through the game or forums. That can be showcased as some kind of badge of honor. For helpers & Guide writers, maybe someone that knows how to be diplomatic on the forum. Or a great world/server analyser. Its hard to actually decide who should earn those ranks. But would motivate more people to come to the forums

    Will also attract more new players to the forums as there is more activity and knowledge combined at that point.

    Hey there,

    I am looking for another dual to play together with on my Gaul account on the Com4. Experience and activity is required. You don't have to be a veteran but you need to be experienced, I am taking players that are willing to learn more about the game that already do have some experience but still need and are willing to learn more about Travian.

    My timezone is GMT+1, I am active during the whole day as I work as a developer and mainly sit behind the computer. So I do quite have some time to check on the account and raid.

    I don't care if you have the same timezone honestly but a different timezone will most definitely be better. I am mainly looking for someone to be active during my early morning or night times. But once again any different activity will ofcourse work.

    ~Server is pretty new.

    ~The account has a well developed 15Cropper, top 15 resources per day.

    ~Cropper is not settled in the middle of nowhere and has a farming area.

    ~Cropper is settled close to probable unique artifact spawn

    ~The account is actively raiding.

    ~I am an active and experienced player myself.

    ~I use gold and expect you to also be willing to invest gold in the account.

    I have more information on the account but I rather speak about such in a personal conversation.

    Send me a personal message or leave your discord here and we'll speak to eachother soon.


    Main way to earn resources is from the resource fields, by investing in them you will generate more resources per hour. Or raiding which you need some more experience and activity before practicing,

    but can be very profitable.

    A few other ways to learn this game: Of course by playing you will gain experience. At the same time try to read some guide's on the forum, and just general information about the tribe's & troops on the wiki. Or search on the

    One way that made me learn to play back in the day, is to find someone to dual with(Play together with someone else on 1 account) that has more experience and be eager to learn and just follow along with whatever he says and you will learn about tactics and Travian mechanics. Travian is a easy game on the surface but hard on the inside.

    Good luck !

    I also agree. They should think of a way to finance the game without letting the players pay for gameplay bonusses. I think this could actually boost the amount of registered players on a server and I would be glad to pay for cosmetics or anything to support this.

    Interesting read and thank you for putting some time in this thread.

    Noteworthy is that TGC is the only alliance that has presence in the grey area.

    Looking forward to the upcoming weeks, lets see if we get some action.