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    "We are aware of the issues occurring on several gameworlds. Our technical department is currently working on a solution. Unfortunately the extremely high amount of TURK bot/tech accounts has caused our servers to go into full spastic mode. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

    We apologize for the inconvenience!"

    I've used to offline mode on K-Meleon for years to good effect and have never been banned. However now that the wave builder option is in game for a cost, I see TG making a few alterations to their detection system to cause issues with players using the old way just so they convert to their own tool.

    Some of you might think they wont, but lets be honest... its a sly way to get us to spend more money :O

    Fair analysis i think. The NAP we (TGC) have with IR_CHET is most definately not an alliance so we wont be working together to fight anyone!

    VIRUS have taken off like a rocket. But they also have zero competition.

    I think HRE are stronger in quality than suggested. They do carry some dead weight but thats always the case with big teams. As long as their leaders can get them to provide def they can be useful.

    Southeast seems to be the fun quadrant. Some good armies being thrown about... its nice to see some action!

    2 weeks into the server now and it seems the foundations for the servers teams are being laid.

    Due to the low numbers on the server, I am only looking at the top 20 alliances. (Sorry if I miss you out). The top 20 currently:

    So from the above, lets have a look at the breakdown of teams, and their numbers. There is no point in taking into account any other stats at this moment due to the server being too early.

    Team 1 - HRE (HRE/HRE-TG/IR_Chet/TRY-camp)

    Total Players: 162

    Avg Region: North East

    % of players: 20.95%

    Team 2 - GL (GL/GL-W/GL2/GL3)

    Total players: 152

    Avg Region: North West

    % of players: 19.66%

    Team 3 - IR.COB (IR.COB2/IR.COB3/IR.COB4)

    Total players: 132

    Avg Region: South West

    % of players: 17.07%

    Team 4 - 2.01 (2.01M/2.01S)

    Total players: 95

    Avg Region: South East

    % of players: 12.29%


    Total players: 79

    Avg Region: South West

    % of players: 10.22%

    Independent clans, currently not allied to a team. (secret alliances and NAPS are not being taken into account)

    UTN - 54 players

    TGC - 35 players

    Hunters - 40 players

    NBK - 24 players

    % of player : 19.79%

    Total players from top 20 alliances - 773

    (Used to work out above percentages)