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    Not only does the order of the quests, and the quests, not make sense. The rewards dont scale properly either . It truly looks like someone just slapped a spreadsheet together without any thought about balancing the numbers.

    So I am supposed to do as you tell me?
    Who is Gubbi? Why should I contact that person?
    Why do you think that there is a bug that needs fixing when in your previous sentence you accuse me of crying and telling me to learn the rules?

    Make up your mind, is it a feature or a bug?
    I say it is a bug that became a feature, but that doesn't mean it should not be fixed in the future.

    It definitely is a bug that Gubbi will have to fix, he is the main engineer at Travian Games. He will deal with this issue relatively soon.

    Sorry for triple posting but I just have to get this down:

    In every "real" war of that period you could not just take a garrison of a fortress or city and lay siege on a well organised defender. You had to raise troops all over your country and make a concerted acting that took lots of planning and organisation. Why is it not the same here?

    This game isnt meant to be realistic. This game has its rules and you play by it. Stop crying and get better at the game please. Also, you didnt contact Gubbi Like I told you to, so Im assuming youre only a troll who doesnt actually want to fix this bug.

    Now for the genuine answer. You simply dont report them because trav wont do jack sh$t with your report anyways, they might ban some, but those are only the idiots that forgot to make their proxy last longer or something. Rarely will they use any remote sense of intelligence, they will only cling to ''hard evidence''. And seeing how the chance of your lovely cheater being a total and completely utter idiot, is quite small, the chances of him getting ''caught" are quite small. Dont even bother reporting dude, its a waste of time.

    Please when you write my name, put at the begin Mr. :)

    Please show some respect to winners and use formal titles when you use our and ally names :)

    Nuts were bigger winners than you, you've literally achieved nothing. Wake up from your delusionary world please.

    1 hour game play? Hmm... I agree but I can't help but to have my doubts.

    Maybe, if I can see an 24 hour routine with 1 hour of playing travian between those times (splitted or as a whole), that would be fine. Cheers!

    He instagolds everything. Just sets timers to npc, all in all not that much screentime.

    Youve never been on a top account have you? Dualled accounts still use gold, metric boatloads of it in fact. Yes, the entire point of duals is to not waste 24 hours of your life keeping your troops alive (when youre at a -1,5million crop/hour you kinda need to raid). But then again, imagine if all the duals on top accounts take their own account. Youd have a few accounts on like 50% efficiency, which is a whole load better for the ally than 1 account on 100% efficiency. Duals arent as overpowered as you think, it costs a lot to not have an extra account. Also, if youre hiring duals, youre doing it wrong m9, get some friends please.

    Dual accounts are unfair if you regard individual account ''biggus di#kus'' stats, but team-wise, it is mostly better to split those duals over multiple accounts. So I dont see an issue here, you trade in an extra account, to make 1 slightly better than average account. This make sure the duals spend less time and still have a somewhat decent account, it means you can have a life. But it is by no means unfair against other teams, because again: Dualled accounts are not twice as good as 2 solo accounts!

    You can build a good alliance account with 1 or 2 hours of play per day. If you don't want to work 7 days a week on your account, get a dual for the weekend, easy fix. Or, late game, accounts can nearly be automated (except for checking for incomings). Ive built top accounts where on the last few weeks on the server, all I had to do is log in occasionally to check for incomings, the rest was traderoutes.

    Sitters not being a feasible solution is bollocks, you just havent found the right sitters. Ive done servers where the sitter watches and plays my account for 10 hours a day, and I do the same for him. Its not that hard to do. Get better sitters, theyre out there ;).

    So no they wont take time concept into account because its not an issue. If you dont have the time, you wont 'win', simple as. Same goes for any other game. You can complain about not being in the top 10% of league of legends players when you only play 2 hours a day. But as you might imagine, stuff doesn't work like that. It is not unfair, suck it up.

    Theres this awesome function called: Sitter. One player on an account, having 1 or 2 sitters can already compete with a 7dualled account, depending on the dedication.

    But you do realise that you're measuring in a different measure of ''good/competitive". You're arguing that a solo account cant compete with higher dual counts. I am arguing that it doesnt matter. Thats 6 accounts (and thus 6 capitals and a boatload of villages) the alliance is missing out on. So large dualled accounts ''profit" as in, they can complete their vanity project of having massive hammers, or tonnes of def. But it might not be the best for the alliance.

    But please dont cry that you cant be one of the top accounts, because you dont have the time. Just tune it down a little and become a good teamplayer for the ally, but perhaps not as good account-wise as the top dogs.

    A. The limitting number of IP per account rule, would just force dualled accounts to all use the same proxy. Thats by no means a ''solution'' to this ''problem''.
    B. If you think Captchas cant be solved by bots, take a quick google around. People who are willing to spend money for bot licenses/proxies, probably wont avoid paying indian clickfarms to do the capchtas for them (or AI).

    Indeed, sitters and password holders cannot be compared. As you might have noticed, a sitter has its own account, which is why there are restrictions on sittership. A dual could have had his own account, but instead he decided to cut the playing time. A dualled account isnt twice as good as a solo account. Theres diminishing returns.

    Good thing that you've only just noticed that travian is a team game. Obviously only teams win. And if you mean winning as in, getting the largest hammer or most off points? They probably couldve done a lot more damage if they split the duals over multiple accounts, so they only hurt their own alliance.

    U sure?

    I read some posts where the player said that after demolishing the hero mansion he still got adventures near that village... I dont think that the hero mansion is the problem..

    And the HM in that village is lv 10, i want an oasis..

    So i need another alternative..

    It takes time to update, he wasnt lying. You might still get adventures in spawn for a few hours, if it takes longer its a bug, or his eyes are deceiving him.

    the cows had evrey single ally in this server

    just not ml turks DN and ils

    so yes we know for a fact that all of themm with the cows and not just attacking us

    for sure

    So when people attack you, theyre part of our meta. When people attack us theyre not part of your meta (even though nominally the relationships are the same, namely an NAP). Amazing logic there bud.

    just look and...

    dude realy? you cows have like 800 accounts it was all the allys agaits ils defense ... turks and ml just attacked you ww dosent mean that they are with us so ...

    NewOrder, RoTeam1+2 and BK just attacked your ww, doesnt mean that they are with us so.... (do you realise how stupid you sound atm?). Complaining about losing while having an NAP with 2 gigantic metas, and not building wwks (ok, you built 2), great job.

    cows sure built some very nice hammers. Also the 5x steal was a very well executed ops.

    But I think you ended up recruiting a tiny bit more than the 120 accounts you mentioned above to support your ww and hammer trains. ;)

    If you add the RoTeam and LoL hammers, its pretty much the firepower that destroyed ILS ww. So in fact cows shot down 1 ww, not 2.

    Still a decent achievement for sure.

    Still doesn't account for the fact that without ML, Cows would have never been shot down. (or maybe RoTeam would have, who knows) It is quite weird to complain that you lose when you bring next to no WW hammers to the table, you're basically setting yourself up to lose at that point (unless they're hiding 5 wwks somewhere, doubt it). Without ML, Cows would have cruised to victory.

    Also, the recruitment part of my comment was purely to retort his comment: ''An 80% recruited ally was able to be in a leading position in the WW race". Cows are literally almost at the same rate of recruitment. And the second wing ended up being so questionable in terms of capabilities that it isn't currently in the confed. Also, if you don't have wwks, you were never in a ''leading position in the ww race'' to start with.

    Considering your meta size comment, and the ''fact'' that we shot down 1 ww, not 2. If you count RoTeam as ''recruited accounts'' to the cow meta, you have to add ILS to the ML-IST meta too, if ILS and/or IST had any wwks they wouldve flown our way (the only logical target). You cant ignore them in the meta size comparison simply because they dont have wwks, thats their fault. I never said that we shot down 2 wws (that would be lying), I said that we HAD TO shoot down 2 wws. ILS only had to shoot down a grand total of 0, because their buddies ML were already taking care of that. Btw, still impressive def numbers from ILS, didnt expect it. (but the game isnt won by def only).

    P.S. Yes, shouldnt have walked together with RoTeam. Much love, Timon.

    Cows had to shoot down 2 wws, you guys, well, what did you shoot down exactly? ML did all the work for you. Also, cows also were a group of 60 accs, recruited the other 120.