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    Oh great to see that you’re back!

    Only troops built in your cap will evade, reinforced troops will stay and home and killed if you get attacked


    Currently only available on phone, so may be difficult to explain...But if you go to your map and look at the bottom right corner of it, just above the coordinates, you should see a little menu called “Outline”.


    Open that, within that menu, you can delete all marks that you have made on the map.



    If you do want quicker answers and use Discord, you can always join the Unofficial Travian Discord Server :)

    You can’t increase your merchants speed, you can however make them carry more ress by building a Trade Office (Requirements: Lvl 20 Marketplace and Lvl 10 Stables)

    And if you are in an alliance, you can tell them to donate to the Commerce alliance bonus.

    You can find a lot of useful info about the game in the Travian Answers, some of it may not be fully up to date, but most of the information on there is correct.

    Ridder Huma

    Bit off topic, but can you clarify whether or not everyone will be limited to 1 report a day, or just 1 report of the same player a day?

    2) Yes, this is indeed a rare case but considering this does have an impact on gameplay a fix is required. We do not rush out updates and always update the PTR and Beta first to see what will happen and collect feedback. Only then will we proceed to continue the roll-out. As we now have gathered and collected the feedback we have adjusted the fix and update accordingly as you can see from update to the announcement.

    2) TG don’t always roll out updates to the PTR before official servers, we don’t even have to go back more than 3 weeks to find the patch that nearly ruined the whole game when TG suddenly were trying to roll out the raiding restrictions to all servers...So your statement is just bs.

    No, it has nothing to do with palace build time. The player in question changed his capital to his first hammer village 2 hours before the reals, so he would have plenty of time to rebuild palace in his second hammer (i.e. he did it as soon as he had switched cap to his first hammer village). He then waited for 8-10 seconds after the attacks on his first hammer, and swapped cap to his second hammer, but the first hammer was chiefed anyway.

    So the village that he changed cap to 2 hours before hits got chiefed? How will the 1 hour restriction even help then?

    We do have daily backups of the gameworlds, we never stopped.
    It would be nice if you can avoid spreading fake news, it's not nice :)

    How would any of your users know about that? Exactly, they don’t...So they can only refer to what has happened in the past, where backups have been “corrupt” or non existent when there have been server issues :)

    I would also like to give you a little tip, get someone to change the password to the Admin account, so you no longer have access. You usually end up saying something stupid whenever you post. Leave it to others when you can’t control your emotions.

    So send 1 clubs Attacks, same idea just abit more effort.

    If capital changing isnt instant, make it so it takes Lets say 5 minutes and problem solved?

    5 minutes is still kinda an issue...Since it’s mostly something you do last sec.

    And doesnt most bots offer an attack option instead of raid? So just stick a bot on a multi that queues clubs all the time and send attacks every hour.

    I honestly think that a better way to fix the bug is to just make it impossible to settle villages at all, that way everyone will have a capital and won’t be able to change it either.

    ...Worst thing about that idea is that it would be a better fix than what TG are trying.

    So, I would like to collect ideas and present them to the Game Centre. To do this, I would appreciate if you answer those questions:

    • How critical it is to have option to change capital village any moment?
    • How often did you have to do it in your Travian experience?
    • What would be your preferred way to solve the case (keeping in mind that reversing battle results in case when capital village got conquered is not an option)?

    And thank you for feedback.

    1. Very critical

    2. Depends on the server, but between 1-10 times during a server.

    3. Is this question a joke? The preferred way of solving the case would be to fix the bug that happened on com1??

    I really sometimes wonder what TG is trying to achieve with some of the "features" they have been trying to add to the game recently. I personally like the other changes in the post, which can be found right here: ⭐ NEW ⭐ - Upcoming features

    But the changes that restrict people from changing their capital when you have incomings within an hour, may be the biggest game changer in the the upcoming features, but they tried to hide it by putting in under "Other Changes" making it sound like it's not a major change...

    It may just be me and the others who have already messaged me about it becoming an issue, that don't like it...But what do the rest of the community think about that change? Will it be healthy for the game? :/

    Guess we will just keep incomings on enemy capitals every hour once it gets added to the game :)

    I remember a thead in the tarvern section where you had to try to type "travian" with your elbow.



    Update not using my elbow: I may have accidentally reported you before I managed to hit the quote button with my elbow.