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    The only fact is MAD win in this server.

    Honestly, if TM say that word ,I will think it’s ok. But for SYN, I think the main reason of you guys are so weak. Not because of gold abuse of ‘cheating’. I don’t think MAD is so strong, like MAD other members have said that we have been punished by other alliance in other server. Just remember what you guys do in Salona ,Lilybaeum, Carthago and Delphi. 0 teamwork in SYN, when MAD attack SYN small player, 0 defence troops will stay in their village. You guys want to protect your offensive player, it’s ok. Every attack plan is 0 effect. The fact tell everyone that SYN need to find a smart leader to organised the team. Just look at the leader of TM, Zeus can organise so many good attack and also stop us to take the region easily. The difference of the leader is so big. I actually think TM get enough support, they can win .

    I think that any defence argues are meaningless. Therefore, I only want to say thank you for TM. We pretty enjoy the fight between us. It’s happy to win in this server.

    If you hate MAD, you can fight against with us

    If you like MAD, you can try to join us in next server


    I will lead MAD to play next server, hope we can see you guys again.