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    Being the daughter of the King, she was raised in opulence. But unlike what it might imply, she endured a life of servitude. She was, initially, treated as the princess she was; she would have been the Queen if not for the birth of her brother. And then, she was forgotten by all. Her father was ecstatic that day. He believed that a son could finally give his dreams a reality and so he gave his son the title of the savior of his heirdom. Even the usually obsequious servants and officers who would extol her with praises had shifted their attention. Did men only care about positions and powers? She had started to despise men. She trained herself to be utterly independent. She made one promise to herself: she would not ever trust a man. Her entire focus was to learn enough to survive on her own, for her own, and run into the wild and live the way she wanted. Somewhere along the lines, however, she broke her one promise. On one of her exploring journeys, she met someone, whom she thought was different. He had no aims of his own, completely free; all that he seemed to care for was her happiness. He had made her a promise that someday he would make her be able to prove herself to The King. She, though, only cared for escape from that life. Run far away; take the easy way out and never look back. So, they planned together, but on the day of their break out, a dire report from the battle fronts had arrived. It seemed that the world was mocking her. The King and the Prince had both succumbed in their battle for the ultimate goal, and they were both dead. This empire would pass on to her. It, now, had a Queen, and she had to lead them.

    Her world had turned upside down; she no more had the same goals as she once did. She could not let her people be left deprived of leadership. She decided with her partner that they would not abandon the people. While the senior governors of her empire did not approve of him, she did not let their words falter her resolve. He shared all her aims. He was the strong support who would not buckle under all the pressure; a trusty wall against whom she could lean. She promoted him to be the rank of General: in charge of all her offensive forces. She had forgotten how much she despised man. He worked alongside her to give actuality to her father’s dreams. But they were behind their enemies. They always seemed to be behind them.

    During the harsh winter, he had started to distance himself from her. She thought it was probably the workload. But, one day they had a major fight. She was confused; she could not see what was wrong. It might have been some small negligence that escalated from the past into their present situation; so, she tried to take the beating and let him vent. For once, she could also be an unyielding wall for his problems. But it did not end there; he left her with a broken heart. He gathered the army and marched away and deprived her of all her offensive forces. That was the first day since meeting him to be reminded of her childhood oath. She had trusted a man..

    The next day she wore the mask of an unrelenting, phlegmatic one. She did not let anyone see the pain behind her façade. She withstood the snickers she would hear from the officers who had kept warning her against an outsider who does not share a noble blood. She ignored them all and focused on the one objective, the ultimate goal - as unlikely as it might have become then.

    Today is 14th of February. She is on her way to visit the construction of their wonder of the world to lay the final brick with her own hands, which will give them a tremendous power and entitle them with the governance over the entire world. A final brick, and all the other world wonders would fall to the ground. Each of her steps, however, is accompanied with tears. All that she can now think is about the signs she missed seeing, about the calumnies she marked him with, and the resentment and remorse she felt that clouded her judgment. The truth is that she had met someone who truly cared for her. She did not keep her promise, but he did. On that day, to prove her father and all his entourage wrong about her, he took a one way journey towards the enemies’ wonder of the world. He had made a strategic plan, and all he required was someone to see it through. If he had not kept her in the dark, she would have not let him go. She wonders about the remarks of all the noble-born leaders and generals who kept telling her how to dismiss him since he was not a noble born... But which noble born could have twisted and turned all the facts and orders in the world and align everything just only so that she would receive a gift, the ultimate gift, on the Valentine’s Day. As she takes her steps through the 99th storey to place the final brick, the only thought that comes to her mind is “with his life, he gave me the Wonder of the World.”

    I don't know if this thread is still active but why don't you think it's worth upping the fields before going for residence?

    Usually, the investment is not returned for fields greater than 4. So, I would say 4 with a lvl 5 cropfield for the grainmill. And that is it. Or maybe all cropfields 5 but no iron mine at 4. Calculating the return of investment is easy. Check how much the production is going to increase, multiply it by 1.25 (plus bonus). Then add the cost of building, and divide it by the increase in the production. That is the hours required for the investment to return.

    Once you have that, think if that time is close to or later than the time you want to settle. If it is, do not build it. Focus more on the culture points production. Once the culture points with the residence bonus is equal to your production per hour required to train the 3 settlers - that is when you just play like a bot and prepare for the settlings.

    So finally, whats the outcome of this question? You got 500cp for getting palace, residence or command center at level 10,100 cp for renaming village. so that leaves you with 2.4k CP left or 4400CP?

    I'm probably late to answer, but I have no idea. Since i'm not playing the server.

    I have no idea what you mean but it sounds really contemptuous for some reasons. Anyways, I hope this explains whatever misunderstanding you might have. From what TG has written, for capital you require cps for 4th village. You do already have 75% of the 4th village required CPs - but the point you seem to be missing is that 4th village requires 20k cps, and not 2k cps. So, now there's two possible outcomes from what the TG means by that sentence:

    1. 75% means 15k culture points you'd already have (less likely meaning)

    that would leave 5k further CPs requirements. 500 from resi would hardly mean anything.

    2. 75% means 75% of the 4th village CPs. (Based on the screen shot - this is more likely)

    That would mean: 4th village cps - 3rd village cps = 20,000 - 8,000 = 12,000 and 75% of that's already given, leaving you with a further 3k cps to settle. Now, 500 Culture points from the residence sounds like a balanced amount for settling which leaves you with 2.5k cps to go.

    If the task lists are still going to be there - this is going to be possible to do within the bp.

    i wonder why it stoped to merge catas ??? if you cant do that the game is more pop game all the fun is gone

    If you were able to merge siege, it would provide way too much of an advantage for gold users.

    Train 50 cats in 10 village , merge together, and having 1 village with 500 cats (in 1/10th of the time), would be too overpowering.

    Actually - merging catapults is not there so that when you settle/chief a village next to an enemy - you don't move your catapults over the night to the new village and hit the enemy from 20 minutes round trip and zero them before they know something hit them... :|

    If TG cared about the overpowering, troops merge would've not been there in the first place. Catapults does not add a huge fire power to your hammer like troop mergence does - it'd have just helped rebuilding hammers faster "if it was not for that one possible abuse".

    The real question should be, will any of these changes get the server to finally last longer than 100 days ? Or will the boosted start even further help to lower the time required to decide the victor.

    Hey everyone, I have a bit of a problem... My hero keeps getting all these adventures around the wrong village... How do I get the adventures to start popping up around the village that I want them to pop up around? (Where I actually keep the hero)

    Adventures spawn around:

    1. "Current" Capital Village

    2. Hero Mansion

    make sure your far away village is neither capital nor has a hero mansion. (When settling far away - the first step you take is switching capital to make sure hero's res bonus + adventure res bounty goes to capital. specially now that you can NPC without Market)

    1) What level do you take the granary up to? Given the focus on crop production I imagine it needs to be quite high?

    2) Since crop fields are higher than the other resource fields, are you using NPC trading to exchange crop for the other resources? If not why is all the crop necessary?

    hey. Since a question has gone unanswered for long enough, I'd answer your question if any new players reading the guide are wandering.

    How high the granary goes, depends on the tribe.

    Gauls = lvl 5

    Romans = lvl 6

    Teutons = lvl 7

    Also, npc is a key while settling. Of course for non-gold user path, might not be easy. Trading is not easy during early days. But maybe you could go with a friend who'd trade your resources for you. Don't risk a ban either. Settling in your first server is not the key importance, if you're new to game, try find friends and maybe you could dual with a player who can buy gold.

    While this guide has flaws and a lot of improvement is possible - it's still a very good starting point.

    Instead you should make crannies level 8/9, which I had when I had enough CP points to settle.

    I assume you mean cranny from 3 to 9, which costs 1.1k res per cps. Cranny 7 is not bad with 800 res per cps - but still there's a lot other buildings that fall cheaper. Mainbuilding 10 (even 11), market up to 7, Embassy up to 3.

    no embassy because you demolish that slot for stable to produce troops.

    also! you do not ever demolish a building that is giving you 5cps per day already, to spend 3900 resources to upgrade smithy and build stable that overall make 3 cps per day (basically you used 3.9k resources to lower your cp production by 2...)

    A cranny lvl 3, makes 2 CPs and that's a better option for demolition that is "if you have to for any reasons"

    Stop acting like an idiot :D

    Confed system or not if you are under 240 players it equal the same :D

    Thanks for the laught tho :*

    How exactly is it the same? WIthout confeds under 240 players doesn't necessarily means that it actually was under 240 players and no proxy accs and no multi accounts and no side alliances randomly supporting a side has sent the defense to the wonder and no proxy and no multies supplied the wonder. Saying Italians, saying comx - already means tonnes of Multies were on the server. So, please drop numbers from the system forced restrictions so that we can know about the legitimacy of those numbers.

    I am not going to say huge def's not doable, but finding 240 def players for your team - and then putting them all in one alliance to defend wonder/plans/artifacts/villages - would make a lot of your players that are outside the wonder wings vulnerable. And we should also mention about the human nature here, will teams listen on reshaping the wings? or will they use this approach, "My wing of xyz nation has this much defense and allow us to be part of the wonder confed to supply def to the wonder," which really looks to me to be the case. And with that's a lot of off players will also come in the mix - and if this approach is not taken, it would mean the xyz nation will have to give away their def players making their off players vulnerable to the enemies.

    All in all, I do like the change - it requires re-thinking the strategy and approach to the game. Takes it out from the stagnant phase, where players and teams were trying to find some undiscovered strategy when the Russians had done it all.

    With max 4 alliances as confeds in Final even the Natars will have a chance to win since none will have enough of def to build to 100 =)

    whew - finally someone who understands my point!

    With the buff to the brewery 20% - walls are likely to come down (even if Egyptians). And 240 players would require to produce defense for the wonder, plans, artifacts and their own villages. And if that's not enough, there's Egyptians on the servers to help with tech accounts 2.0 to guide you towards full 1M scale wwks and also huge off hammers with half the work and gold. I mean feeding can always be worked around for wonder, but good luck with defending all the targets with those limits.

    Basically, that's the reasons I'm wandering why is everyone so silent. Maybe some debates are ongoing elsewhere or are the two main powerhouses going to be absent from finals this year? No international Coalitions?

    It is a good idea and would be great for gathering information on your enemies. I doubt it'd get implemented by Trav but it will definitely increase the strategy level of the games. One more option for analysis - when TG's killed so many others, I do like the thought.

    Troop merging is pay to win, TG wanted to introduce that feature into 4.4 and we fought really hard to make it not happen. Then they pushed that feature on Pandora servers since nobody cared about those servers anyways. Not sure why competent players would play such a pay to win servers where you require an elite 60 to win a server in the first place (given a competition is on the server).

    I would take a moment and try to again promote my idea of assigning the VPs to the villages (or even players) instead of the alliances. It has several benefits, one of those is that your game would still be ongoing. Here's how it'll look:

    The Vps are given to the villages dominating in a region where your alliance is dominating based on the population of that village,

    Dominating alliance pop = 6k pop in region,

    Your presence in the region = 1400 pop (2 villages of 700 in region)

    Region's total vps = 400

    Your village VPs = 1400/6000 * 400 = 93 vps per day


    A players can take its time to join an alliance after joining his regions alliance,

    Alliances can switch players to take a lead (of course some cool down to the VPs activation when they switch alliance to avoid abuse)

    You destroy a village - the VPs related to that village is gone (so it's possible to lose VPs)

    Smaller players will also hold values

    You chief a village, the VPs are shifted (lose and gain = twice the VPs difference)
    The winner is decided on the last day of the server. It would mean on the end-game, you'll have a day when you throw in everything to destroy their VPs whlie defending your villages to not lose your VPs

    Smaller players could also play a role in such servers to win.

    There's a lot more advantages, but this would make your really boring game a lot more fun. Also in this scenario, merging troops wouldn't help much since you would want split and attack in first place anyways.

    The fact that nobody besides me has raised any objections to the presence of Egyptians on finals or the support restrictions to confedracies makes me think all the biggies have quit the finals. Or is such discussion already happening elsewhere? Even the mods didn't say how many confederacy slot will the final servers have? did they?

    There's also another factor that players usually don't point out, it's your comfort zone. If one is comfortable with a tribe and it can make them stay with it till the end game, they should stick with it. For some people Teutons coloring is too depressing, for some Romans 3ripple buildings is the veto point, and for some the cheap costs of Huns Steppes - in such cases we could throw numbers all around and yet it would not matter since you will not be motivated enough to stick with it.

    To summarize for you:
    If you want to play off + def, great option.

    If you raid with your def, also a good option but then you should consider an Egytpian cropper which might be making more than your raiding amount while the def of Egyptians is always home to be sent off thus more reliable. (Marksman are the best raiding units in game followed by EIs)

    Otherwise, there's better option available in Egyptians.

    Actually, I would say that with the nerf to the Steppes Raiders, and buff to Teutons - there's really no reasons to play Huns besides if you want to play off/def mix with your hammer or I would also go ahead and add, the Very early game off which due to cheaper units it's better. Every other style of game, there's a leading tribe present.

    Off = Teutons

    WWK = Teutons, followed by Huns and Romans - Romans being more economical, Teuton being Stronger - literally no reason to do it with Huns.

    WWR = TEUTONS X1.20

    Economic Hammer (based on crop consumption) = Teutons (thanks to brewery - else Romans lead)

    Raiding = Romans

    Ghost = hmm.... Romans and Huns both I suppose (Huns travel faster, but rebuild time + Fire power of EI is a lot better and EIs raid better too)

    Def of all sorts = Egyptians

    Due to your very good economy, you can train in twice as many villages and sustain them too. Chariots def per hour per consumption generation is as good as infantry def and on the plus side it travels at 10 MS besides being stronger as anti-cavalry. For standing you got ash wardens and Chariots both, which covers anti-inf and anti-cav both (both are among top 5 standing units. Their wall is also great, making others think twice before attacking you. And their hero gives you a good early game start. Basically, this tribe has not only got good stats on the paper, but due to the Waterworks building giving it a "big" edge in economy, it's also practical since you can train in twice more places and sustain them too. The play style with Egyptians is also superbly flexible, further due to owning slaves as the fastest def per hour, and Khopesh + Chariots being able to be played as Offense and Defense.

    Rumors has it there was a survey about what feature from annual/specials should be implemented on Legends. The results is expected to be ready at the end of May.

    Do you count the votes of your E-Surveys manually?

    Also I do not remember filling any surveys on finals regarding if features from annual/specials should be implemented there or not but it's being implemented despite remembering very clearly how the players oppose both Egyptian tribes in finals + the limitations on the confederacy.

    People are still loyal to the game, I do see that they're being given what they require but listen carefully please on who's asking for what. And also know how your servers work. Nobody raids on finals besides their pfs, limiations on support to only confedracy there will cause "Huge" drop on the defense while introduction of Egyptians is going to cause greater amount of huge hammers due to 2x the capital productions. It's going to be fun to see 240 players feed the wonder def, defend the wonder artifact, defend the wonder plan and also they'd be the only ones that can set trade routes . (I've not read that confed slots have been increased).

    On servers like com5, nobody requires to have techs - they want farms and fair game. And all teams are perfectly capable of squeezing their members in 4 wings and still have some slots to spare.

    Like seriously, who's this genius behind TG who can miss something so simple?