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    Im joking bro. no offense

    I haven't played with you and don't know you to comment on your game play

    I'm just messing with Ajax

    On the other hand, my personal idea is that last COM2 was best server ever I played. high competitive and all out war mode with lots of effort.

    Unfortunately, due to life problems won't be able to join this round

    No problem. I got you. Anyways, thanks for sharing your idea and experience. It's good to know people's thoughts about different situations :)

    First time I ever agree with you :P

    n3pix isn't used to more advanced teamplay, really can't blame him.

    I do not reject your idea, im not really advanced in this game but I just don't like it. My personal idea, but I'm really happy to hear that the COM5 is not like these servers. If someone wants to play, you can PM me. That's all I want to say, because we can't never find a point to accept each others' idea. I will say something, you will say that you like it what's wrong with me, and so on.

    Sounds like a great server.
    Why would you want to stay away from that :O :/:/

    I don't like that kind of servers too. Because It's being more like a farm game instead of Travian which is a strategy game. People come with more than 60 persons of groups, some have 3 alliances of people. It should be every alliance is really limited with 60 members and there will not be sub-alliance thing. Confederancy and other diplomatic actions are okay but this makes things worser. I ask to these people, what's my motivation to play that server against big unions? To get wrecked by 60 people attack each is coming as 4 or more waves? That's ridiculous. Who wants to play against such enemies?

    Just a bunch of players trying to make one server really interesting. However, i'm pretty sure when the server starts, half the leaders will not be able to stand the pressure and will quit. One of the teams has got a very good reputation, and I'd love for other teams to experience it first hand too.

    If you'd take my advice, stay away from that server. You'd find nothing but toxicity.

    On that note, if you find a team going for com5, do let me know too please. I want to kill a few hours a day. Hopefully will find a few players to attach myself to.

    I got the idea. It seems like some of the Turkish servers. There are some people who stand behind their money and some people who really playing together very well. But at the end of the server people try to hunt each other and stab their allies from their backs. Really bad thing. You can have fun someway in that game i believe but these things are not giving fun.

    Alright, If i can find a good alliance who is wrll coordinated, I can inform you.

    Thanks for sharing your experince and thoughts about COM2 server :)

    You need a dual to read discord 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    No, I mean there are action happening everytime. Enemies attack to allies, allies require defences. Allies planning to attack to enemies. Typical things you know. And these things are being discussed in Discord. So, if you miss something that can be a negative advantage for you. So, you should follow the news.


    I'm Çağlar. I'm looking for dual on COM1 server (

    I'm from Turkey and my timezone is GMT +03:00 (server time is GMT +00:00 so, my local time is 3 hours ahead.) It could be really nice to have a dual who has minimum 6 hours of time difference between timezones.

    I'm not using gold so much. I don't require my dual to buy golds.

    The account is 249th at general leaderboard. I have 3 villages with 574, 482 and 211 populations. I have a medal (Attacker of The Week, 3rd place) on account. I'm playing as offensive teutons player. I'm a member of a leading alliance in the server. We, as an alliance, use Discord to comminucate. I require my dual to use Discord and to read all the messages on Discord and follow the news on Discord about the alliance. That's only thing I want from my dual.


    Tick-tock, tick-tock... Everyone so secretive or is only SGR restarting?:S

    I'm checking the S1 sub-category continuously but I think giant alliances are already ready for this server :)

    I hope there is only SGR alliance :P

    Adversitement: I'm looking for an alliance !!!


    I'm looking for a good coordinated alliance. I'm a 7 years experienced player but I haven't finished any game servers. But now I want to finish a game server and stand still until the game server ends.

    I obey the rules and fulfill the requirements that you may want. I can use WhatsApp, Skype, Discord. For the first 13 days I can play duo with someone.

    Connect with me if you need stable players in your alliance.

    Thanks! :)