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    When playing 1x speed go for culture point production early and sim fields simultaneously. However, build all the buildings the Quests tell you to do so. Best option for Culture Points are Crannies. Level 1 Cranny up to level 10 and build the rest of your empty village's spots with crannies to level 1 or level 3. These will help you to hide your resources as soon as beginners protection ends and give you a nice CP boost to settle your 2nd village as fast as possible.

    if the server is older than 5 days (1x speed) or 3 days (3x speed) animals can spawn in oasis. if you want to farm them without risk, send your troops with your hero and 1 cage mounted. When animals are spawning while your troops are on the way, your hero is going to capture 1 and all your troops will return without a fight. this is especially useful for farming with settlers, which are, due to their high load capacity, suited for more than just settling villages. However, always keep in mind that they should be protected very well (e.g. by cages).

    - when you take the simming route and don't build troops in beginners protection, go for empty oasis and raid them with the troops you get from the quest. you need 2 troops of the starting units of each tribe to raid oasis without losses - except for egyptians; they need 3 slaves. due to the default defense every oasis has, you shall not raid with less troops.

    - when you're going to farm oasis before beginners protection ends, wait until you have enough troops to get most of the resources out of the oasis until you clean it. chances are high that another one will already get there before your second run.