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    Farm list:

    Add an option where we can transfer the whole farm list to a new village.

    Example: We start farming from our spawn village so we create a farm list for that village. After some time, we decide to switch to farming from another village. Right now, we would have to manually transfer every single farm (lets assume we have a max of 100 farms in a farm list. That's a ton of work and time that goes to waste). Please add an option so that we can transfer the whole farm list, all at once.

    No need to do anything but something to know maybe?

    I'm sorry if my posts sound like nitpicking but considering that support denied anything was out of ordinary (despite having clear video evidence showing otherwise) until I posted to forums I'm not sure who actually knows or is allowed to say how things actually are.

    Why do you even bother? If they wanted to say whats changed/happened, what was the bug and what new mechanic it is, they would write it in the official thread.

    I have posted an announcement about it on Change to starvation system as its a global issue and not only on Closed Beta.

    Can you explain this new starvation system? What's changed in regard to the current one/the one we used to have so far? I don't understand a damn thing you wanted to say by that thread and i am sure it's the same with 99% of players. You explained absolutely nothing and not to mention, you wouldn't even make a thread about it if this guy didn't brought it up. What back-end changes? What's changed? You're incredibly funny.

    You made changes to the game, yet you don't care to explain what's exactly been changed. No wonder this game is on a downhill...

    Why do you even lock the thread? Open it so people can ask their questions and let you know what they think about the change.

    You just brought up a confusion to the players. You guys are beyond ridiculous at this point :D:D

    tomi which servers are you playing? It is much less of an issue on some domains than on others.

    Generally I agree with you, this approach will kill raiding for many, myself included. Multi-farm is killing it as well though. I am on a fence which one is lesser evil.

    I don't have a set domain i play at.

    I can tell you right now, if it's going to have any negative effect on my raiding, i will never play again. That's something i can guarantee with 100% certainty. At least i will save some time and a lot of money :)

    Ah yea sure. Sorry lots of quotes, not surprised I missed that last one.

    Under the general proposal as is - yes there would be a limit on how much you can farm from a player. You can certainly still raid it every 30 seconds but you will at some point max out on how many resources you can collect until the amount resets. However based on the discussions so far I do not anticipate many people hitting that limit unless they are one of only a few farmers on that village/player. No limits have been decided on as of yet and I suspect it will require some real world testing to find the right balance.

    I see. From someone who has been a raider all his Travian career (i mean, i am always at top 3 raiders, every server i play on), i don't like this whole idea. At least not how it sounds but i am willing to see how it works before i make final judgment.

    If i understood correctly, the whole point behind this idea is to target people who have their own multis/farms, however you call that nowadays. Seriously, is there really so many of those guys that you needed to target them? Doesn't seem like it to me. You would do more damage to every other player than you would stop those guys...

    Do you mind explaining the last comment i posted here regarding the farming resources changes? As i have said, i could farm players even every 30 seconds if that's what i wanted, taking almost all their resource production. What would this update change? I would have a limit of how much i could farm from a certain player?

    " Also, we want to remove the difference between raiding an alliance member and raiding anyone else. To achieve this, we will expand a limit to how many resources can be raided to all accounts. According to the participants of the Legends on Tour 2019 Summit this will increase teamwork, as multiple players need to raid a target to maximize bounty. "

    Can someone explain what does this even mean?

    For example, currently, i could farm players even every 30 seconds if that's what i wanted, taking almost all their resource production. What would this update change? I would have a limit of how much i could farm from a certain player?

    I have done some reading and here's what i got to say.

    (1) Celebration queue: Yes, yes and yes. It would mean a lot if we could simply queue another celebration (for example, big party) so that we don't have to be online at the specific time when the ongoing party is being finished. Sometimes the party would end during the night, which sucks as most players/people wouldn't be able to be online at that time to queue another party immediately. Doesn't even have to be the middle of a night. Could be during the day when you simply can't get online, for example if you're at work, school or whatever. If we can queue most of the things in the game, why not queue celebrations as well. Great, positive addition.

    (2) Wave builder: Huge NO from me! Sending wave attacks takes time, practice and skill. Why would you even consider such thing, taking the skill away and making it automatic? Sure, let's just make every single thing in the game automatic so we can literally roll back and click with our left foot. Jokes aside, this is a bad move. First of all, sending waves is not even that hard. It's actually pretty simple and everyone who really wanted to learn how to send waves, they did. It's disrespectful towards the skilled players, towards game quality. Let's just assume, for example, a game called League of Legends (took that example as i assume most people know/play the game) decides to automatize some skillful moves. Moves that only top players can do or moves that takes time and practice to complete them. What would be the whole point of the game then? The point is actually to have that skill gap which separates good from bad players, that separates those who actually invest time into the game and practice things to obtain new skill from those who don't.

    "This wave builder will allow players who want to participate in an operation via mobile to join with the lowest possible effort."

    Nice joke, no offense. First of all, if you really cared about those people who play via mobile, you would create a mobile app years ago. Second, players who want to participate in an operation, they will do it with or without wave builder. Third, "lowest possible effort" is ridiculous. When it's about things like that, it's NOT supposed to be easy. It's NOT supposed to be done with lowest possible effort. This a war-based game. A game where good operations and skill will/should prevail. Want to be good in this game, in operations? Learn how to send the waves manually. It's a NOT damn nuclear physics. Takes about 5 minutes to check a video on YouTube on how it's done and then it's all practice after that. I am 100% confident that even a new player who's playing the game for the first time can get the 4 waves in same second under an hour of practice.

    Do NOT automatize such skillful things. Let players practice and learn, acquire that skill.

    (3) Farm lists: I am someone who is using farm lists on every account i play on. I either farm heavily or i don't play at all.

    a) Why are farm lists limited to a max of 100 farms per list? What's the actual reasoning behind that? Isn't it literally the same for you guys whether that limit is at 10, 100 or 1000? From someone who is sending farm lists every few minutes on every account i play on, it's pretty exhausting, time consuming and ridiculous to have to click on multiple farm lists every single time. Please increase that limit to at least 500 so we can have all our farms under a same farm lists so that we don't have to click multiple ones each time.

    b) It would be nice if we would have an option to send raids only on farms that raided full amount of resources the last time those raids landed. I am not sure if i explained well so i will give you an example.

    Let's say we have 100 farms in a farm list. Out of 100, 15 of those farms were raided with full amount of resources (for example, 2 clubs took maximum amount of 120 resources). Now, instead of having to manually click those 15 farms and press send again, we could simply do it by 1 click if we had an option to repeat only such farms.

    If i am going to be honest here. The game is dying and if nothing drastically changes, it might be completely dead over the next few years. Yes, it's dying so please don't even try to convince me otherwise. Player base has dropped significantly due to numerous reasons. There used to be thousands and thousands of players on each server in each country. Now, you're lucky if you get a 1000-2000 players on a speed server in combined countries/regions (balkan, nordic etc etc).

    Few reasons why i personally think it's in the state it is now:

    (1) Main reason by a huge margin: you heavily started to favorite money over time and skill. I understand that everything nowadays goes around money but shouldn't be that heavily. You simply can't compete without Gold right now. There's no way you can have a good account and make impact on the server without that shiny thing.

    (2) Zero advertisement. I mean, literally 0. You're not getting any new players to the game because of that. You're only keeping the oldsquad and those are leaving the game each day, month, year. All that is natural, people simply stop to play but you gotta have new people coming in.

    (3) Mobile app. Simple as that. Playing on PC was great 10-15 years ago but most of the people are on their phones now and playing without a proper app is hard, to say the least.

    (4) No regular updates/implementations. You gotta have new things come in, regularly, to keep the people interested. Look at top games and learn from them. I will once again use League of Legends as an example. They're implementing new things all the time. Changing things. Doesn't have to be major things at all. That's what is keeping players interested. It's getting boring when you're doing everything the same each round/server.

    (5) MH corruption couple of years ago which completely destroyed some servers and it's player-base.

    (6) Lack of bot detection. No need to explain further.

    These are just a few from the top of my head.