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    Marusja - It's right! If TGK wins and in a year you write again such heresy.
    The network once played against a really strong TGK team. Web lost
    I will call you a liar too !!!

    biorobots - before calling someone a liar there all the data confirming my words and this is not your cheap show, don't load this thread anymore with unnecessary stories, although I tried to stop you

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    Link does not work! But I understand that these are gettertools.And how can he prove your words about the war with hedgehogs???
    You only saw that hedgehogs were winners this year. and decided that we fought with them and lost to them. and you started shoving this nonsense to all of us
    But if you were not a liar, you would know that the hedgehogs slept all serv. and while we fought with other alliances, they scored victory points and allied alliances
    After our war with the wolves. We just did not have enough time for hedgehogs. Server is over

    to my regret, Wolves didn't win that round I'm not going to stir up old and for someone painful stories in detail, this is a past drama of ru-forums... CV com has its own stories

    listen to the arsonist! Do not change the subject! Answer for your lies!

    Web once played against a really strong team Ежи (Hedgehogs) Web lost,

    there are those who remember exactly those hot days
    but sorry hedgehogs vegetables I don't remember
    Yes, this forum is not about ru, my apologies! I just wanted to expose the liar!

    Web once played against a really strong team Ежи (Hedgehogs) Web lost

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    Is there any evidence of a war with hedgehogs? We have. But only hedgehogs did not fight. Wolves fought for them. Which, unlike hedgehogs, did not reunite the floor of the map and did not grow vegetables all season. at the end of the game, Oise ran and was killed. Even worse, playing the hedgehog, the world has not yet seen on the server. In any case, what do you know about these events, about bears, about wolves, about vegetable hedgehogs, about how we played on the spot, and some are still playing with us now!
    Here is only part of the reports of those events
    UAZ also in the report
    We are waiting for evidence of war. Hedgehogs slept all over! And don't shout for what you don't know, more so for bears.
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    The classic solution. If a wise man sees that his rivals have white caps (Situation 1), then he can safely say that he has a black cap, since both white ones are already occupied.
    If a sage sees white and black caps on the heads of his rivals (situation 2), then he can reason like this: “If I have a white cap on my head, then a sage in a black cap sees two white caps in front of him (he is in situation 1), and he should realize that it is black cap. But he is silent, that means a black cap is on me. ”
    Finally, when he saw both rivals in black caps (situation 3), the sage could reason: "if I have a white cap, then any of my opponents sees white and black caps in front of me (situation 2), and I must understand what is on it the cap is black. But he is silent, that means a black cap is on me. "

    Классическое решение. Если мудрец видит, что у его соперников белый колпаки (Ситуация 1), то он может смело утверждать, что у него - черный колпак, поскольку оба белые уже заняты.

    Если мудрец видит на головах соперников белый и черный колпаки (ситуация 2), то он может рассудить так: «Если у меня на голове колпак белый , то мудрец в черном колпаке видит перед собой два белых колпака (находится в ситуации 1), и должен сообразить, что на нем колпак черный. Но он молчит, значит на мне черный колпак».

    Наконец, увидев перед собой обоих соперников в черных колпаках (ситуация 3), мудрец мог рассудить: «если у меня белый колпак, то любой из моих соперников видит перед собой белый и черный колпаки (ситуация 2), и должен понять, что на нем колпак черный. Но он молчит, значит на мне черный колпак».