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    1. Good english,and eloquent MMs go a long way.

    2. For gods sake don't spam MMs.

    3. Make a distinct hierarchy 'off players' 'def players' 'off generals' 'def generals' etc etc people need to know their place.

    4. Be firm,but not too tough on Players.

    5. Don't trust new players,even some of your buddies from previous servers can turn on you in a higher stakes server,be prepared for that.

    6. Grab a knife and carve all emotions out of yourself (it's a figurative knife don't kill yourself) 'Please let me join,i'll grooww pleaaaase' NO!

    7. You set the rules and you should be the first one to follow them,if you don't accept under 100 pop players,YOU DON'T!

    8. Don't talk to the enemy unless they show respect,if they don't show respect silence is always the best answer.

    9. Don't get provoked by some pimpled nerd 1000km away ,don't be liable.

    10. Attacks on your players shouldn't be allowed,in most cases best course of action is to talk to teh leadership of that alliance from where that player is,if they're dumb, retaliate,just to show who rules 100x100. of course don't go to a full blown war just because 1 dude attacked one of your players,just... retaliate.

    11. i just realised i don't have time for this,you can't teach a fish to fly so much as you can't teach a guy to be a leader you're either born with that or you're not.

    3.Clear with your hero,NOT with your units. This is for early to late early game. if you are good off player you should already have your hero in top 20,meaning your hero alone should be worth in the first week of the slow server about 20-30 steppe raiders,or 60-90 clubs,if you're a gold user stack up on ointments,and chunk the enemy defense with raids,when your hero returns half dead heal him JUST enough for him to survive another raid,rinse and repeat until you can do the one final ATTACK without your hero dying. units are expensive but a Hero in good hands is basically free killing machine that only gets stronger and stronger. his fighting power falls off hard mid-late game,but that's where his off bonus picks up. How many times have i seen a guy attacking with his Hero AND his army.

    (If you are a teuton,there are situations where it's best to attack with your clubs and hero to clear someone or something,only because of sheer number of clubs a teuton can produce and their cheapness but that's situational and is for the player to decide the risks and benefits of doing so)

    forgot to mention,power of a hero lies in his healthbar, meaning he is as strong at 100% health as he is at 1%.

    EDIT: sometimes it's best to ram you 5% health hero and revive him than leaving him just standing there half dead (that's for off heroes,not economy ones). Ointments should be used to help your hero survive each raid you do to clear someone,for instance; your hero has 72% health and you want to clear another dude with your hero,you did battle simulator and saw that with the first wave the enemy defense is going to deal you 75% of dmg,that means you should use 4 ointments to keep your hero alive after that 1st wave,if you can clear him with an 'Attack' in the next wave,that's the best situation for you,because 1) you will clear the enemy 2) you did it by sending a half dead hero with 1% health. what did you lose? (if you have a 'bucket' literally nothing) what did you gain (tons of xp,and a new farm)


    2. in the early game if your production allows you,you should always make units in small batches,just enough to keep your barracks or stable working but not too much so that you waste your resources. for instance if you put all of your resources into making 20 steppe raiders you'll have a queue 10 hours long,and no resources,it's better to put 2 steppe raiders to train,and use rest of your resources for something else,whether be residence,crannies or whatever your priority is at the moment. I hope you understood my point,it might be painfully obvious but i assure you 80% of players aren't paying attention to that.


    1. for my off dudes,this should be painfully obvious BUT, i've seen so many players not understanding how early game works.

    if you are off player and you want to raid oases,do not clear them yourself! let those noobs with multi accounts to do the dirty work. after an oasis is cleared,animals won't spawn for the first 5 days (at least slow servers,can't remember how speed works). That means all you have to do is constantly check your surroundings reports and keep adding already cleared oasis to it.

    Send raids - add new cleared oasis to your farmlist - send raids -make units, rinse and repeat.