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    Personally, I have my opinion about groups of players that never ever miss defending a ghost hammer with wwk, but opinions that are not backed with proves should be kept away from this forum. I can't say with 100% sure they are all shit players so it's better to keep those opinions to own chats and not here.

    IIRC the time to payback a support that was upgraded to lvl 10s+factories is 9 days, but if you want to be sure you will probably have to put all the costs in excel and calculate it out. 9 days would put it somewhere between 12s and 14s for a 150% cropper. If you do go calculate it, don't forget the population increases from fields, for example it means that iron fields are inherently worse than others and in early levels it makes quite a bit of a difference, since croplands give way less pop than other fields. I did my calculations for the 9 days number a while back and I'm pretty sure I forgot to consider the pop cost, so it is a lower estimate, and could be completely wrong for all I know.

    As far as your spawn goes, my best guess would be that you should just leave it at 3s if you can ship all the resources from it to the capital. Even 11s in a cropper are just 5.12 days ROI, while wood/clay 4s in spawn would be 1165/9 hours which is a bit more than 5 days.

    Here we're talking about incremental speed. It means after a certain amount of squares they start to go faster and the like, it does not mean that 10hs distance is reduced to 5, but maybe it is reduced to 9/8.5 hs

    Would you also make it so a shorter distance would be slower to get to? Like a 3h travel now would be changed to maybe 4h? I think it makes sense in principle, but its overly complicated and a smaller map achieves what you want much better and without needing any complicated changes, that really don't do that much.

    Buffing TS again would be very close in practice to the incremental speed idea, and I don't think that's something most people would agree with. As a 1x player I like it as slow as it is now, if anything I'd like a revert to the TS buff and a smaller map instead of the better TS.

    I don't care what they do with speed servers, but cata speed is fine on 1x. Imagine you could get catapulted down while sleeping on the slowest version on this game, just sounds incredibly dumb to me. Now opponents at least need boots to do that or be very close.